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How does valve sales solve the problem of mutual mistrust between customers and suppliers for the first time cooperation

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-09
In the process of valve sales, especially in the case of direct sales from manufacturers, customers often recognize your prices and products, but due to the first cooperation with each other, the lack of trust results in a situation where payment methods cannot be coordinated. Valve has been trying to solve this kind of problem for a long time. It has successively adopted the methods of payment at the station and collection of goods by logistics to solve some of them. However, although this operation method protects the interests of customers, it is a risk for manufacturers. For example, we have encountered a phenomenon. Because the customer’s location is relatively remote and the freight is paid by the factory, when the goods arrive, the other party asks to unload the goods, and the delivery personnel cannot adhere to the principles well, resulting in no payment for the goods. Pay and form debt. Although the customer finally paid the purchase price, he was in arrears for nearly half a year. And also lost the original intention of mutual trust and cooperation. The collection of payment for goods is also only applicable to the periphery of the city. Once there is a need for transshipment, it does not apply, and the consignment department needs to collect the payment for goods, which is undoubtedly a loss of factory profits. In today's market where market competition is fierce and prices are extremely transparent, the profit of the factory is rather meager. In the face of such intermediate costs, neither can raise prices to lose customers nor lose the company's basic profits. So, is there a better way to establish mutual trust with customers in the initial cooperation? Nowadays, the main sales channel of many valve companies is online marketing, and the transaction method is usually online contact, and offline transaction is the main method. In order to solve the problem of mutual trust in the initial cooperation with customers, considering that the customer base is more familiar with network operations, it was decided to rely on Alibaba stores to support online ordering and use Alipay to guarantee payment, once again providing customers with a new kind of cooperation based on credit protection the way. The main reason why Valve chose Alipay is that Alipay has become more popular among netizens, and customers are easy to operate and have a high degree of trust. Secondly, Alipay guarantees payment can avoid the negotiation process required by the lack of trust between the two parties. Of course, there are still many people who worry about whether it is appropriate to use Alipay to guarantee transactions for valve products. According to Valve analysis, there are roughly the following situations. One is simply thinking that no one will buy mechanical equipment products such as valves through online payment. For this worry, Valve believes that this thinking should be eliminated, because other industries have already implemented online transactions through the Internet for a long time. Electronic stores such as Taobao and are booming. Large items such as home appliances and home decoration can be ordered online. As a popular pipe fitting product, valve equipment also has a complete supply chain service chain. There is no reason why it cannot be sold through online stores; the other is that small-value cooperation is still desirable, and large-value cooperation is not desirable. We believe This kind of thinking is too narrow. In fact, the larger the amount, the more guarantees are needed, and the valve uses Alipay to guarantee transactions mainly to solve the problem of mutual trust in the initial cooperation. When the manufacturer and the customer have cooperated several times, they can completely transfer after mutual trust has been established. For offline cooperation. As for some people worrying about the issue of return and exchange, Valve believes that this is an irresponsible thinking. No matter which method of cooperation, it must be based on quality assurance, and the quality of a product must not only pass strict internal inspections, but also To accept the customer's inspection. The valve has advanced production equipment, strict quality inspection mechanism, and perfect service system. It is very confident in the valve products produced by itself, so we dare to be one step ahead, and we are also clearly aware that in fact, what we do is only Just keep up with the times.
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