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How to accelerate the rapid development of the electric valve industry

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-07
In view of the gap between the electric valve industry and the foreign electric valve industry, our electric valve industry must think carefully to improve some of our development problems, overcome the inharmonious problems in development, find the right points of development, and jointly promote the revitalization of the electric valve industry And improve. For this reason, it is suggested that valve companies should turn challenges into opportunities, identify their own positioning, and strive to open up domestic and foreign markets to resolve the adverse effects of the crisis. For my country's electric valve enterprises, the most important thing is to further improve product quality and technical content. Only by laying a solid foundation and unremitting exploration and innovation can my country's electric valve brands become famous overseas. First, there must be a sense of innovation. With a sense of innovation, companies will be encouraged to work hard and seize opportunities. Many enterprises in the electric valve industry in Wenzhou and other regions also adopt the family workshop model, and there is an urgent need to establish modern management concepts, including market awareness, service awareness, competition awareness, and crisis awareness. In the development of the market, long-term planning and response measures are required in terms of establishing a publicity platform, selecting and launching promotional media, finding customers, establishing new customer relationships, business communication and exchanges, and generating new orders. The electric valve industry should also attach great importance to technological development and innovation, and strive to form a development mechanism for technological development and innovation. The core of enterprise innovation is 'technical innovation.' Whether an enterprise has vitality or not, first of all depends on whether the products produced by the enterprise have vitality. High-tech and advanced products will bring development and benefits to the enterprise. Enterprises bring only decline and bankruptcy. As we have mentioned above, most small and medium-sized enterprises do not want to innovate independently, use their brains, and develop new products. They are always greedy for convenience. You learn from me and I learn from you. I don’t know the vitality of the product. , Market share, etc., rushed up to impact the market, resulting in disorderly competition in the market and disrupting the market economic order. At present, the valve market should strive to reverse the undesirable phenomenon of 'inadequate innovation and more than imitation'. At present, electric valve companies must insist on innovation, adjust product structure, transform traditional products, and march toward high-end valves. It is required that large-scale enterprises must take the lead in this regard, and strive to gradually win over one-third of the valve products currently purchased from abroad in China, so as to improve the level and competitiveness of the domestic valve industry. Small enterprises, first, take specialization Production, do a good job with one factory and one product, be more refined and stronger, work hard to improve management, improve craftsmanship, and enhance product quality, taste and competitiveness. Many successful companies in the world have developed from small to large, from weak to strong, and have developed into large companies with strong vitality, all of which are realized by continuous innovation, so the strength of corporate innovation will ultimately determine The competitiveness of enterprises and the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprises. Thereby comprehensively improving the quality and image of the valve industry. Second, strive to develop the domestic and international electric valve market: the development of domestic and foreign markets is a process of continuous self-improvement and development, and in fact, it is also a process of enterprise development. At this stage, relevant companies should adopt a 'two-legged' strategy based on actual conditions and attach importance to the development of the international and domestic markets. Adopting this kind of market development strategy can reduce operating risks to a certain extent, enable the company to steadily and steadily, step by step, and continuously expand the scope of the target market, which is of great benefit to the company's solid foundation. Third, strengthen cost control to resolve competitive pressures. The process of cost control is a process of calculating, adjusting and supervising various costs incurred by electric valve companies in the production and operation process using the principles of system engineering. It is also a process of discovering weak links, tapping internal potential, and finding all possible ways to reduce costs. the process of. For domestic manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to scientifically organize and implement cost control, promote the improvement of business management, change the operating mechanism, and comprehensively improve the quality of the enterprise, so that the enterprise will continue to develop and grow in the fierce market competition environment. Adjust the structure of production capacity and expand the content of development. Fourth, accelerate the effective integration and transformation of resources. After the good development in the first 10 years, the foundation has been laid for further development, which contains the advantages of the valve industry to achieve a healthy balance under structural adjustment. With the deepening of the market economy, my country's electric valve industry has encountered many problems such as 'low, small and scatteredSome small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on low-price competition without obvious brand effect are struggling and are close to bankruptcy. There is no unique way in the world. In recent years, valve companies have realized that to break through the current industrial difficulties, they must accelerate the pace of joint reorganization. Some pioneers in the valve industry in Wenzhou have bravely chosen the road of 'joint and reorganization and seek new development' and have achieved initial success. They have achieved the purpose of complementary resources and common development, enhanced the competitiveness of the enterprise, expanded the living space, and went out A new '1+N' optimized combination and a new way to create advantages. Fifth, update the concept, abandon the conservative concept of 'small wealth and securityAnd increase investment.
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