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How to equip electric gate valve with control cabinet

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-27
How to equip electric gate valve with control cabinet? This depends on the control wiring method of the electric valve and the loop of the control box. Experts from Valve Co., Ltd. correctly tell you how to equip electric gate valves with control cabinets. If you don’t understand, you can consult the company’s telephone number 021-64162222. ) The output high and low water level control signals control the automatic start and stop of the hydraulic pump motor. Its control forms include full-voltage start, reduced-voltage start, soft start, and frequency conversion control. The control circuit of this series of control cabinet (box) has both automatic control and manual control. It also has overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase failure protection and accident reporting functions. Before using this product, you must follow the electrical schematic diagram After rechecking the wiring, adjust the corresponding component setting value according to the actual requirements of the motor, and then start. 1. Automatic operation: turn on the power supply, the power indicator light is on, turn the switch to the 'auto' position, and check whether the motor controlled by the control cabinet (box) acts according to the instructions of the liquid level controller. When the liquid level reaches the control liquid level, the corresponding liquid level indicator will light up, the corresponding limit control relay normally open contact will automatically close, the secondary control loop will be automatically turned on, the motor will start, and the running indicator will light up. When the water level reaches the stop level, the corresponding indicator light glows, the normally closed contact of the corresponding limit control relay of the liquid level measuring and controlling instrument is disconnected, the secondary control loop opens, the motor stops working, and the running indicator light goes out. 2. Manual operation: turn on the power, the power indicator light is on, turn the switch to the 'manual' position, press the start button, the motor starts to run, the running indicator light is on, press the 'stop' button, the motor stops running, and its operation indicates The light goes out. Control instructions for electric valve control cabinets Control logic instructions for electric valve control cabinets: Control instructions for electric valve control cabinets 1. The controller can adjust the primary electric valve according to the secondary network water supply temperature and outdoor temperature, and realize the change of the primary side flow to ensure The temperature of the secondary water supply is constant. 2. The controller can adjust the operating frequency of the circulating water pump inverter according to the pressure difference between the supply and return water on the secondary grid side. 3. The controller can automatically start and stop the make-up pump according to the secondary network pressure to ensure the stability of the secondary side pressure. 4. The control cabinet panel has indicator lights, touch screens, voltmeters, ammeters, buttons, knobs, and inverters and other related components are installed in the cabinet. 5. It is equipped with a 10.2-inch true color Chinese-style man-machine interface touch screen panel, which can monitor the parameters of the unit and the parameter settings are worth changing. 6. The controller can receive 4-20mA signals, and the controller reserves an Ethernet interface and a 485 communication interface. 7. It can collect signals such as unit temperature, pressure and outdoor temperature. 8. The controller can monitor the working status of the circulating water pump and the make-up pump, the on and off status, the operating frequency and motor current, the working status of the electric valve, the valve opening, the liquid level of the water tank, etc. 9. The controller has relevant alarm information: primary and secondary side temperatures are low and high; pressure is low, high, water tank liquid level is low, high, water pump, inverter, electric valve failure, etc. 10. The control cabinet has the function of interlocking control: how to equip the electric gate valve with the control cabinet. Product features 1. The shell of this product is formed by high-quality steel plate and shear plate bending and gas shielded welding. Excellent performance such as anti-static and impact resistance, built-in circuit breaker and signal lamp components; 2. This product is a composite explosion-proof structure, the switch box adopts an explosion-proof structure, and the bus box and junction box adopts an increased safety structure; 3. The modular design is adopted , Various circuits can be combined freely; 4. Built-in high-breaking small leakage circuit breaker or molded case leakage circuit breaker, which can be opened and closed by operating the handle outside the explosion-proof passenger body; 5. This product comprehensively introduces new optimized design schemes and operations Mechanism, compact and reasonable structure, strong versatility, flexible and convenient operation, and good hand feeling; 6. It has overload, short circuit, phase loss, and leakage protection functions; 7. All fasteners are made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel; 8. The wiring method can be steel pipe or cable, or explosion-proof connection hose; 9. It can be specially customized according to user requirements; how to equip the electric gate valve with the control cabinet Product advantages: A: The cabinet body has excellent steel plate quality, the surface paint is in place, the appearance is beautiful, and the details are in place. B: The layout of the components in the cabinet is carefully designed, the arrangement is reasonable, and the structure is compact. C: The wiring in the cabinet is beautiful, the wiring is standard, and the joint is firm. D: The selection of components is extremely cost-effective, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and economical. E: There are many major brands of auxiliary materials and terminal blocks in the cabinet for customers to choose and use. F: The variable frequency control cabinet has multiple protection functions such as overload, short circuit, phase loss, undervoltage protection, motor locked-rotor, motor over-temperature and leakage, and fault status display, and has single-use and multi-use control modes. Reduce the impact on the grid and protect the entire grid.
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