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How to grind the valve?

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
How to grind the valve? After the valve is not closed tightly, it is necessary to grind the valve seat and disc. The purpose of grinding is to make the disc and valve seat tightly equipped to play a role again. This is a very important task in overhauling and repairing the old. When grinding, the specific method is determined according to the degree of wear of the sealing surface and the structure of the valve. If the depth of the damage dent is greater than 0.05 mm, it should be processed on a lathe first and then ground. Methods such as frustration or sandpaper grinding are not allowed. Grinding methods can be divided into mechanical grinding and manual grinding. The gate valve can be ground with a grinder. If there is no grinder or the number of inspections is small, the gate can be removed and placed on the glass for grinding with abrasive materials. The sealing surface of the valve body can be ground with a threaded flange with a smooth surface. The flange is first inserted into the valve body, and then a short tube with external thread is inserted from the valve hole and screwed on the flange. Rotating the short tube can be ground. For ball valves under 2When manually grinding, first wipe the sealing surface, and then apply the grinding material in the following order: grinding powder with a particle size of 28 to 42 microns; grinding powder with a particle size of 10 to 28 microns; oil. If the precision is very high, add powder with a particle size of 5-7 microns. During grinding, use uniform force and make circular motions to avoid reciprocating straight pulling. When grinding, check frequently, and only enough to avoid excessive grinding.
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