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How to operate the electric valve manually

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-27
Electric valve is an executive unit in the fluid control system in the industrial automation field. It is mainly composed of an electric actuator and a valve, and then the actuator is driven by the operation of the motor to control the opening and closing and adjustment of the valve operation. Then how to operate the electric valve manually, how to switch between manual and electric operation, our company's technical experts will give you detailed instructions and guidance: the manual valve is transformed into an electric valve to determine the valve electric device control method 1. Ordinary electric device such as The electric device has a simple dial to display the opening and closing of the valve, and the external control requires an electric device control box, which is a basic model. 2. Electromechanical integration electric device. This type of electric device comes with a control box, which is the so-called mechatronics. With LCD display, 4-20mA standard signal can be fed back, and the fully open, fully closed, and indeterminate intermediate positions of the valve can be determined, that is, switch control. The electrical components are installed in a reversible plate to adjust the torque control mechanism, stroke control mechanism and opening indicating mechanism. There are three buttons on the button box, the middle is the field and remote switch button, the left side is the field valve closing button, the right side is the field valve opening button, the button box is closed for remote control, the remote control is DC 24V switch contact control, open the button box For on-site operation. (There are two knob boxes on the knob device, one of which is the mode knob (red) and the other is the operation button (black). Relying on the electrical housing, the highlighted arrow indicates the operation mode. The operation button is turned clockwise to the arrow. Open the valve and turn it counterclockwise to close the valve.) 3. Regulating electric device is based on the electromechanical integrated electric device with analog control, which can receive and feedback 4-20mA standard signals, so as to realize the accuracy of the valve The adjustment of the valve can determine the fully open, fully closed and precise intermediate position of the valve. 4. Determining the relevant parameters for the transformation of a manual valve into an electric valve. Manual gate valve modification to an electric gate valve program introduction manual gate valve + bracket + electric actuator u003d electric gate valve The original manual gate valve is in the style of a hand wheel or bevel gear. We will use the hand wheel or umbrella Remove the gear, and then make a bracket connected with the electric actuator. The bracket style is shown in the figure. I customized the connection size of the manual gate valve to make the electric bracket. After the connection bracket is completed, it is connected to the electric actuator through the rotating shaft and passes through the stroke. After commissioning, the manual valve can be transported when power is on. Precautions for operation 1. High temperature valves above 200°C are installed at room temperature, but after normal use, the temperature rises, the bolts are heated to expand, and the gap increases, so they must be tightened again. It is called 'hot tight2. When the weather is cold and freezing, especially the outdoor valves, the water in the pipelines and valves should be drained to prevent the pipelines and valves from being damaged by freezing. 3. Non-metal valves, some are hard and brittle, and some are low in strength. During operation, the opening and closing force should not be too large, especially not strong. Also pay attention to avoid object bumps. 4. When using a new valve, do not press too tightly on the packing, so as not to leak, so as to avoid too much pressure on the valve stem, accelerating wear, and strenuous opening and closing. How to change the manual butterfly valve to the part that needs to be coordinated with the electric butterfly valve: Provide a complete picture of the manual butterfly valve that needs to be modified. This picture is used for preliminary determination of whether it can be modified. If it can be modified: According to the type of manual butterfly valve, it is divided into manual butterfly valve and manual worm gear butterfly valve. If it is a manual worm gear butterfly valve: our company can directly arrange technicians to the site to measure and confirm the size, and determine the type according to the control needs of the on-site control room for the electric butterfly valve and the size of the valve torque. Then it can be put into production and transformation. If it is a manual butterfly valve, this is a bit more complicated, and it is necessary to arrange a technician to confirm it on site. After confirmation, make plans based on actual conditions. If you have a project where you need to change a manual butterfly valve to an electric butterfly valve, we will make a detailed modification plan according to your needs. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the following advantages and beneficial effects: a manual and electrically operated valve mechanism of the utility model, 1) the valve mechanism is provided with a switching assembly between the electric operating mechanism and the telescopic assembly . When the valve mechanism is in the electric operation mode, the switching component is in the idle state. The electric operation mechanism drives the double gear to rotate by driving the motor, and the double gear drives the gear to rotate to realize the linear telescopic movement of the telescopic assembly; when the valve mechanism is in the manual operation mode When the switch assembly drives the gear on the telescopic assembly to separate from the double gear of the electric operating mechanism, the electric operating mechanism stops the transmission connection to the telescopic assembly. At this time, the shaft sleeve can be manually rotated by turning the handle into the manual operating hole on the top of the shaft sleeve to drive The linear telescopic movement of the telescopic component.
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