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How to replace the valve packing?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-06
How to replace the valve packing? The packing is sealed by the pressure of the gland in the valve. After operation, the packing will become hard due to aging, especially for frequently used valves, the friction between the valve stem and the packing is reduced, and it is easy to leak water and steam. Therefore, the valve packing needs to be replaced. When replacing the packing, for small valves with gland nuts, use a wire hook to clean the packing, put the asbestos rope clockwise around the valve stem into the packing surface, and tighten the gland nuts. Do not use excessive force when installing the nut to prevent tripping or rupture. If it still leaks after replacement, tighten it until it does not leak. For large valves with flange glands, you can use braided asbestos rope (square or round), cut into small sections according to the required length, and layer them, and the joints of each layer should be staggered by 180°. When tightening the gland, the bolts on both sides should be compressed alternately to prevent the gland from breaking due to uneven force, and the rotation of the valve skewer should be checked to ensure flexible rotation of the valve stem.
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