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How to send valve product information to sell valves online is better?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-12
I believe you will be curious when you see this title. How to sell valve products online is more effective? Do a small amount of work to get the most benefit? When you publish product information online, the most common forms are the product name, or product name plus model number, product material plus model number, and some like to add your company's name as the title! So is this product information really effective? First of all, let’s think about the name of the product information we released. Others will also think of it first, and the transaction rate is relatively high. However, all valve sellers in China are posting these valve articles. You feel that you will Is it ahead? Obviously, the most important factor that affects ranking is the title. Your title is the same as others, and yours is no longer competitive. Sometimes we search for things with the name of the area in front, so that we can find nearby sellers. Based on this principle, we can optimize our title. For example, you can bring a certain type of valve in the city, or even the name of a certain village. That way, the competition is much smaller, and your ranking will be higher. We collect the names of some small towns or small cities and add them before and after our product words. Get a lot of unexpected gains. Here are some tips on seo for everyone: 1. When we write the title, we add the city name, product model, product adjective (best, best in Cangzhou, best quality), etc., and we can also add product advantages Words, for example, a certain valve is prone to side leakage, or the pressure experienced is low. We can write a certain type of valve, the pressure can reach certain, never side leakage. In this way, many buyers who have had this problem will value your products more. 2. Content. Our content should not be the same. In this search age, search prefers original content. Some friends will say that we also know that he likes originality. We can't write it by ourselves every day. We can add our product introduction to the content of the information we release, and then go to Baidu Baike or search for related content on other websites. Two articles are combined into one article. Now Baidu can still try this method. The content must be around the introduction of product words. Words about products can be bolded. This way Baidu will like you more. Give you a higher ranking. 3. Key words Find a few high-frequency words around the content and think of a few related words yourself. 4. No matter how good the article is, if you don't test or research it yourself, it won't have good results. You can follow what I said above. Practice by yourself. I believe that if you post 10 product information, there will be one page on Baidu. Ten times stronger than you mechanically sending a thousand product information all after the second page.
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