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Innovation and change, to create a top benchmark in the domestic and international electric valve industry

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-08
Engaged in research and development of electric valves. From the beginning of its establishment, it insisted on expressing respect and respect to customers with excellent quality and service, and determined to contribute to the overall improvement of the manufacturing industry. 'China can make good products.' With the dream of being a world-class valve, the company's founder, Dang Changyin, began the road of elite manufacturing. It is the first to introduce electric valve production technology and is committed to the research and development of electric valves and intelligent remote valves. It has its own stainless steel precision casting workshop and a variety of high-precision testing equipment. The electric valves produced are widely used in machinery, textile printing and dyeing, bleaching, and pharmaceuticals. And medical equipment, food processing, rubber machinery, organic and inorganic chemistry, cleaning and disinfection high temperature sterilization, water pollution treatment and other fields. Nowadays more than 10 years of professional adherence, products and services throughout the country, can be regarded as a benchmark enterprise in the field of valve industry. Electric valves are one of the core products of valves. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in 2020, the supply of related epidemic prevention items such as disinfectant and hand sanitizer has increased sharply. A large number of mechanical and chemical water treatment equipment manufacturers urgently need electric valves. To ensure adequate supply of epidemic prevention materials, machinery actively cooperates with relevant government departments to speed up the inspection and acceptance of the epidemic, and coordinate local employees as soon as possible after resumption of work, and work overtime to supply. With the spread of the epidemic, Europe and the United States have gradually become the epicenter of the epidemic, bringing impact and testing on China's manufacturing industry. The business structure of valves has also changed. The proportion of the company's orders continues to drop by 50%, which has a certain impact on the overall production. To this end, the company itself has made positive adjustments in two aspects: First, by forming a team, launching offline promotion and sales, using instant tools such as WeChat, the Internet, and email to actively communicate with customers; effectively carrying out online sales and continuous development In new markets, self-owned brands have been upgraded, and the company's overall operating conditions have improved. On the other hand, all employees have been able to innovate and increase efficiency under the epidemic, regardless of the Ru0026D department or the production department, from process design to production, and then to the station equipment, the waste rate is greatly reduced, and the cost is effectively controlled. Valves use data to prove in the continuous innovation, innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and it is the ubiquitous quality of elites. While obtaining economic benefits and corporate honors, the company attaches great importance to social benefits and public welfare responsibilities. During the period when Qingdao City sent a service enterprise work team to Jimo District, the work team actively focused on development to focus on party building, coordinated leadership and gathered people, and cultivated the feelings of private domestic enterprises. Under its vigorous guidance, Qingdao Jingrui Machinery is constantly growing into a patriotic, dedicated and law-abiding A model enterprise in operation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and repaying the society, it demonstrates the hard-core responsibility and good image of an excellent private enterprise. The successful development of electric valves is inseparable from the continuous innovation of enterprises and the courage to challenge themselves. We are learning from excellent companies in terms of product design, research and development, and manufacturing. Innovation, courtesy, and forge ahead, this quality not only runs through the production of the company, but also deeply imprinted in the hearts of every elite person. To be a human being beforehand, the elite values u200bu200blie in 'using conscience, casting conscience products and being a conscience enterprise'. With advanced technology, excellent product quality and excellent after-sales service, it has won the trust and praise of customers, and won the honor of 'National High-tech Enterprise'. The next step will be to lead by corporate culture, pay more attention to technological innovation, and further Increase investment in research and development, strive to become a supplier of industrial electric valves, and use big data to segment the market, deepen the market, and use the nuclear industry and semiconductor industry as the new business pillars and become the benchmark for the country to advance. On the basis of increasing the domestic market share, we will continue to explore the international market and create intelligent electric valves.
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