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Innovation of stainless steel electric gate valve technology

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-19
Stainless steel electric gate valve exists as a part of the whole machine. Its material, structure, processing technology, stainless steel gate valve quality, and its reliability will affect the efficiency, performance, pollution, life and safety of the whole machine. Some stainless steel gate valve manufacturers said that the technology of stainless steel gate valve at this stage will surely cause another technological innovation.   At present, the biggest impact on the foreign stainless steel gate valve industry is the use of new materials and the structural adjustment and performance expansion of similar products. Although this kind of influence is great, its degree is different. The development of new stainless steel electric gate valves abroad focuses on the application of new materials for stainless steel gate valves. Because the existing corrosion-resistant valve materials cannot fully meet the needs of technological development, the output of ultra-low carbon stainless steel valves is very small, so foreign Stainless steel gate valve manufacturers are accelerating the development of ultra-low carbon duplex stainless steel gate valves. The ultra-low carbon two-way stainless steel gate valve has the ability to resist pitting corrosion, intergranular corrosion and uniform corrosion in environments such as chloride ion, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, inorganic acid, organic acid, etc.   In addition, foreign stainless steel electric gate valve manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the application of their nano materials in stainless steel gate valves. Nanotechnology is the cutting-edge technology of the world's scientific and technological development. In the research of nanoplastic valves, nanomaterials can only reach the sub-nanometer level in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the powder used to manufacture stainless steel gate valves is processed at nanometer level. The original stainless steel gate valve has relatively large plastic particles. After the new process, it can get neatly arranged and fine powder particles. After sintering and high-temperature die-casting, the entire cavity of the stainless steel gate valve is obtained. This stainless steel gate valve has high corrosion resistance. Strength of. At present, domestic stainless steel electric gate valve technology still has a certain gap compared with foreign countries. Although stainless steel gate valve has become an indispensable part of the market, my country's stainless steel gate valve manufacturers should still seize the opportunity, continue to innovate, and establish a foothold in the domestic market. Expand international influence.   stainless steel electric gate valve material is divided into 304 stainless steel electric gate valve, 316 stainless steel electric gate valve, 321 stainless steel gate valve. The expression method is: Z41H-16P.
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