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Intelligent transformation of electric valves, innovation drives the future

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-14
On the morning of September 4, when the party chief went to the enterprise workshop to investigate the transformation and listing of intelligent electric valves of enterprises, he emphasized that it is necessary to actively seize the important window opportunity period of the policy, increase the transformation of intelligent electric valves, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Realize high-quality development of enterprise transformation and upgrading. In-depth production workshops, production bases, administrative office areas and other areas, to observe and understand the production and operation of the company, market prospects, capital investment in technological transformation, new intelligent equipment and project advancement, and the promotion of listing work, and the problems encountered by the company Difficulties are coordinated and resolved on site. The party chief said that the effect of intelligent transformation of enterprises in the response to this epidemic can be said to be the general trend, the key to competition, and a rare development opportunity. At present, we must seize the opportunity of the policy of benefiting enterprises for intelligent transformation, act decisively, increase investment in capital equipment for intelligent electric valve transformation, and focus on making enterprises more refined and specialized, taking the lead, gaining advantages, leading development, and promoting enterprises to do Be bigger and stronger, and build a group of innovative and development benchmark enterprises. The party chief pointed out that the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises is a systematic work that requires the joint efforts of the government, enterprises, service providers and other parties. Enterprises must increase investment in intelligent transformation and realize intelligent manufacturing units and intelligent manufacturing units through machine substitution. The production lines, digital workshops, and smart factories must also undergo informatization, digital and intelligent transformation of products or equipment, enterprise management and operation, and research and development, so that the intelligent transformation of enterprise equipment and the intelligent transformation of enterprise management and operation information platforms go hand in hand. Currently, there are many policies to help enterprises and enterprises, especially the financial support policies for enterprises to go public, and policies for intelligent transformation and upgrading. The government functional departments and help enterprises must do a good job in publicity and service to achieve precise and efficient services. Effectively solve the practical problems in the development of enterprises, plug in the development wings of 'intelligence' and 'capitalization' for high-growth enterprises, and jointly promote the enterprises to move toward the capital market and enhance the stamina for development. 'Quality comes from professionalism.' Service lies in fulfillment' ': We must link the team with the destiny of the country and the nation, and truly turn the electric valve into a comprehensive, science and technology-driven, and large-scale that can contribute to the country and the nation. Innovative chemical company.   He requested that the entire team must have the motivation to start a business, the determination to start a business, and a start-up mentality to enter the state of a startup company, as well as reform the system and mechanism of a startup company. In the next step, the company must promote in-depth reform of the entire system. Create an intelligent integrated electric valve.
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