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Interpretation and Suggestions on the Technical Requirements of Forged Steel Ball Valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-28
Forged steel ball valves and cast steel are mainly steel forging processes, and the processing forms are different: cast steel is used to pour the steel for casting back parts. Answer one of casting alloys. Cast steel is divided into cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and cast special steel. Cast steel refers to a type of steel casting produced by casting methods. Cast steel is mainly used to manufacture some parts with complex shapes, difficult to forge or cutting, but require high strength and plasticity. Forged steel ball valves: Forged steel ball valves refer to various forgings and forgings produced by forging methods. . The quality of forged steel ball valves is higher than that of cast steel parts, and can withstand large impact forces. The plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also higher than those of cast steel parts. Therefore, forged steel ball valves should be used for all important machine parts. Parts casting is liquid forming, while forging is a plastic deformation process. Forging shaped workpieces can improve the internal structure of the organization, with good mechanical properties and uniform grains. Important laborious workpieces must be forged. Casting will cause microstructure segregation and microstructure defects. Of course, casting has other advantages. The advantage is that it is not easy to open the mold for forming complex workpieces, so casting is adopted. Interpretation and recommendations for the technical requirements of forged steel ball valves. Because its valve seat is made of special materials, it can cope with pressure and temperature changes, and its adaptability is very strong, especially within its marked pressure and temperature range. There will not be any leakage. Moreover, with the advanced technology now, the precision of the ball body of forged steel ball valve is very high, which is very popular among users. So, what are the precautions for purchase? 1. Know the product name and model. For those who need to buy forged steel ball valves, they must first understand the product name and model, because there are many product models. If you don’t know the product model, it is easy to make a mistake. The wrong product selection will affect normal use and cause waste of resources. 2. Whether to attach accessories or not. Actually, this is to help users make the correct selection. Some users do not have a comprehensive understanding of the model, and they are not detailed. But carrying accessories can help users make better choices about product models. 3. To check the quality of the forged steel ball valve, you must choose the high-quality forged steel ball valve, so as to ensure the service life. Especially when the use occasion or environment is more complicated, the quality must be checked by professional personnel. In addition, the user also needs to understand the caliber of the end valve, and don't choose the wrong model. The above is about the purchase process of forged steel ball valves. For inexperienced users, you can consult or ask experienced friends before purchasing to understand some precautions, so that they can only be purchased during the purchase process. No mistakes, no loss to yourself. If you don't understand anything, it's easy to make mistakes when you buy blindly. Forged steel ball valves are widely used in various industries. They are small in size, light in switch, and simple in structure. The most important thing is that they are more convenient to maintain and more reliable. Because of the advantages of forged steel ball valves, they are used in many industries. However, in the process of use, we must pay attention to the maintenance work, such as the following points: 1. In the process of cleaning the forged steel ball valve for long-term use, we must pay attention to regular cleaning. The general medium can be cleaned with water. But for media that are harmful to health, we must first understand the nature of the product, and then carry out corresponding cleaning measures. 2. Valve seat For the seat of forged steel ball valve, whether it is repaired or replaced, its hard sealing surface must be ground. In addition, if the sealing surface of the product has rust spots or wear, it must be processed by machinery. If the valve seat is seriously damaged, it must be replaced in time. 3. The fragile parts of the forged steel ball valve's packing and sealing gaskets need to be overhauled on a regular basis, and should be replaced within a certain period of time. And if the valve core and diaphragm are cracked or aging, they must be replaced according to the situation, but the diaphragm must be replaced after two or three years of use. Regarding the maintenance precautions of forged steel ball valves, through the above introduction, I hope to bring you some help. In addition, forged steel ball valves should be cleaned once a year to avoid contamination of the valve seat cavity, so that the valve seat can move more freely. It should also be noted that regularly injecting grease into the switch can reduce the friction between the valve ball and the valve seat.
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