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Investigation and remediation of hidden dangers of electric gate valve for water supply

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
'Tian's less leisurely months, May people are more busy.' The peasants grasped spring ploughing and the workers promoted production. Entering the Red May, the enthusiasm of the work officer burst out. The line management office recently inspected every gate valve in the urban area, and made detailed statistics on specifications, detailed locations and usage conditions, and made relevant records. At the same time, through a comprehensive inspection of the electric gate valve during this period, it was found that some valves in the old city were mainly due to long years, and there were potential safety hazards such as rusting of the screw rod or failure of opening and closing. In the event of a burst pipe repair or pipe network transformation When the gate valve needs to be opened and closed, the construction or emergency repair time will inevitably be delayed and the residents' water consumption will be affected. In order to prevent the gate valve from being closed during the day from affecting the normal water supply, on the premise of arranging daily emergency repairs, the gate valve repair time is scheduled to be carried out between 11:30 in the night and 4 in the morning. More than 10 gate valves, including Xiaohetou, Nanzheng Street, Pilgrimage Intersection, and Jinqiao Garden, have been replaced or repaired to eliminate hidden dangers in time and lay a solid foundation for responding to emergencies of pipe network repairs and water supply pipe network reconstruction. Maintenance personnel drilled in and crawled out of the narrow gate valve well for careful inspection. They often got soaked all over their bodies. Each time they were repaired, they had to stay in the gate valve well and muddy water nearly two meters deep for an hour or two. They were accustomed to this. Do the work as your own business, interpret the responsibilities with your hands, and shoulder the responsibilities with your shoulders.
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