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Jiangsu Valve Association organized member units to participate in the first 'China High-end Valve Expo' held in Anshan

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-08
It is reported that in mid-August, Jiangsu Valve Association organized member units to participate in the first 'China High-end Valve Expo' held in Anshan, and visited the main member units together with the Investment Promotion Bureau of Anshan Economic Development Zone to implement specific exhibits. On August 16, Zhao Peng, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Anshan Economic Development Zone, Liaoning, made a special trip to Jiangsu Valve Association to visit Zhang Zonglie, Chairman of Jiangsu Valve Industry Association, and reported on the organization and preparations for the first 'China High-end Valve Expo' held in Anshan. The two parties discussed and determined Regarding matters related to the participation in this exhibition organized by Jiangsu Valve Association, Chairman Zhang Zonglie expressed that Jiangsu Valve Association fully supports Anshan to hold the first 'China High-end Valve Expo' and organizes member units to participate in this industry event in the name of the association. On the one hand, it determines the implementation of the specific managers and specific work of the China Nuclear Su Valve Exhibition, and on the other hand, implements the specific issues of the exhibition in the name of the association with related manufacturers. Mr. Zhang said that China National Nuclear Corporation Su Valve took the lead in signing up and the Jiangsu Valve Association also participated, in order to try its best to support Anshan in organizing this major event in the industry, and assist in the specific matters of the exhibition, including the products, pictures, and promotional materials for the exhibition. Etc., as well as the Jiangsu Valve Association to do relevant specific assistance. Then, from August 16th to 20th, Sheng Genlin, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Valve Association, accompanied Zhao Peng, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Anshan Economic Development Zone, to visit member companies of Jiangsu Valve Association, and specifically assisted in the implementation of member units participating in the Anshan High-end Valve Expo. Matters. Visited successively with Zhang Zonglie, general manager of China Nuclear Suvalve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhu Yunqing, general manager of Nantong Power Station Valve Co., Ltd., Chen Haomin, chairman of Suzhou Industrial Park Sida, and Si Zhang, Suzhou Industrial Park Sida Machinery Automation Co., Ltd. Wei, Zong Xin, general manager of Suzhou Delan Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Qiqiang, vice president of Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd., and Xie Jinyan, deputy general manager of Yangzhong Valve Factory Co., Ltd., have confirmed the exhibition. During the      visit, I informed the chairman and general manager of these member companies about the economic operation of the valve industry in Jiangsu, and accompanied them to visit the production sites and economic operations of the companies to understand the recent production and sales status of these companies.      It is also understood that Anshan will grandly host the first “China High-end Valve Expo” at the “Anshan Valve Building” from October 10th to 11th this year, and the China High-end Valve Industry Forum will also be held during the Expo. Including the China Valve Association will hold relevant valve association meetings in Anshan, and Hefei General Machinery Research Institute will also hold relevant meetings of the Standards Committee in Anshan. It is also a grand industry event where industry leaders, experts and major end users gather together.     As we all know, Anshan, a city known as China's steel capital, combines millennia of diligence in mining and smelting, and a century of wisdom in forging steel. As the birthplace of the Republic's first self-operated control valve, one of the largest high-end valve manufacturing bases in China, it has established the national passion and dream. Today, the newly established Anshan High-end Valve Industrial Park in Anshan, Liaoning, is based on the Republic Steel’s flagship Ansteel Group, with the national new-type industrialization industry demonstration base as the carrier, and brings the advantages of location, resources, technology, and talents. The requirements of “globalization, internationalization, and headquartersization” are making every effort to build a high-end valve city in China on a land of 15.7 square kilometers. In the first 'China High-end Valve ExpoIn order to achieve the purpose of the exhibition.     One is to bear the transportation cost of all exhibited products arriving in Anshan; the second is to provide free booths for all exhibiting companies' products, and to provide free special decoration production; the third is to provide free boarding and lodging services for high-level exhibitors (limited to two people);
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