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keeping it going: maintenance and repair

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-22
So you decided to buy an air compressor.
Now you have to understand how to achieve this by following the manufacturer\'s advice to keep your new investment going.
Just like your vehicle, your air compressor needs to be checked normally to make sure it works in the next few years.
Make sure you keep different compressor parts working properly within the manufacturer\'s specifications and should be carried out daily, weekly, monthly and annually.
Once you get the compressor, it will definitely come with a manual that lists all the different maintenance requirements as well as the part numbers, suggestions and trouble shooting guidelines.
However, with each different type of air compressor, there are many different items that need to be checked that are not exactly the same.
Of course, you will find that some similar action needs to be taken to keep your new equipment in the right working condition, including checking the different methods of compressor parts and oil content.
Every day you should make sure that the content of the oil is within the limit and check the leakage and oil pressure.
Also check for abnormal noise or vibration.
Weekly inspections need to include inspection of safety valves to ensure they work properly.
You should check all filters in a very dirty environment and drain water and water from where it should be.
Every month you should make sure to clean the cooling surface, check and replace the air filter, and check if the oil is contaminated, while replacing the oil if needed.
It is best to change the oil and oil filter every three to six months, check the tightness of the bolts and check all pressure settings and compressor valves.
You can find any replacement compressor parts online or in a local hardware store.
Your annual inspection and maintenance must include the lubrication of the motor or engine, check the pressure switch diaphragm and contacts, check the safe shutdown system, and replace the empty oil separator if the empty oil separator is available.
If you think you can\'t maintain the compressor, because it\'s mainly because you don\'t know the right way or because you\'re busy and forgetful, it\'s possible to hire a business that is responsible for maintenance for you.
Whenever there is regular maintenance, these external companies can come in, or they can be called to repair the compressor for repair due to the wear and tear of various compressor components.
You can find these companies on the Internet, which is recommended by other air compressor owners as well as manufacturers.
It is very important to keep your investment in the best working condition.
You don\'t want the cash you spend on adding an air compressor to be ignored to maintain and repair it because you don\'t have time or don\'t know how to do it.
Calling is everything you need to make sure your device can be used for the life you promised when you purchased it.
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