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Key points of electric valve selection

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-02
1. Clarify the use of electric valves in equipment or devices to determine the working conditions of electric valves: the nature of the applicable medium, working pressure, working temperature and operation control methods. 2. Correctly choose the type of electric valve. The correct choice of valve type is based on the designer's full grasp of the entire production process and operating conditions. When selecting the type of electric valve, the designer should first grasp the characteristics of each valve. Structural features and performance. 3. Make sure that the end connection of the electric valve is in threaded connection, flange connection, and welded end connection. The first two are the most commonly used. Threaded valves are mainly valves with a nominal diameter below 50mm. If the diameter is too large, it will be difficult to install and seal the connection. Flange-connected valves are more convenient to install and disassemble, but they are heavier and more expensive than screw-connected valves, so they are suitable for pipe connections of various diameters and pressures. Welding connection is suitable for heavy load conditions and is more reliable than flange connection. However, it is difficult to disassemble and reinstall the valve connected by welding, so its use is limited to the occasions that can usually operate reliably for a long time, or where the use conditions are heavy and the temperature is high. 4. Selection of electric valve material. Choose the material of the valve shell, internal parts and sealing surface. In addition to considering the physical properties (temperature, pressure) and chemical properties (corrosiveness) of the working medium, the cleanliness of the medium should also be mastered ( Whether there are solid particles), in addition, the relevant regulations of the country and the user department should be consulted. The correct and reasonable selection of the valve material can obtain the most economical service life and the best performance of the valve. The valve body material selection sequence is: cast iron-carbon steel-stainless steel, and the sealing ring material selection sequence is: rubber-copper-alloy steel-F4. 5. In addition, the flow rate and pressure level of the fluid flowing through the valve should be determined Etc., use the existing information (such as valve product catalog, valve product samples, etc.) to select the appropriate valve. From the above analysis, it can be known that under normal circumstances, electric gate valves should be the first choice. Electric shut-off valves are suitable for pipelines that do not require strict fluid resistance, as well as pipelines or devices for high-temperature and high-pressure media. They are not suitable for media with high viscosity and particles, nor are they suitable for vent valves and electric valves for low vacuum systems. Electric ball valve is suitable for medium with low temperature, high pressure and high viscosity. It is usually used in strict sealing performance, wear, necking passage, rapid opening and closing action, large pressure difference, low noise, vaporization, small operating torque, and small fluid resistance. In the pipeline. The throttle valve is suitable for the occasions where the medium temperature is low and the pressure is high. It is not suitable for the medium with high viscosity and solid particles, and it is not suitable for the shut-off valve. The plug valve is suitable for occasions that require fast opening and closing. It is generally not suitable for steam and higher temperature media, for lower temperature and high viscosity media, and also for media with suspended particles. Electric butterfly valves are generally used for water, oil, compressed air and other media with temperature ≤80℃ and pressure ≤1.0MPa; because butterfly valves have relatively large pressure loss compared with gate valves and ball valves, butterfly valves are suitable for piping systems with less stringent pressure loss requirements in. Check valves are generally suitable for clean media, not for media containing solid particles and high viscosity. Diaphragm valve is suitable for oil, water, acid medium and medium containing suspended solids whose working temperature is less than 200℃ and pressure is less than 1.0MPa. It is not suitable for organic solvent and strong oxidant medium. In the pipeline system of petroleum, chemical and other industries, valve applications, operating frequencies and services are ever-changing. To control or prevent low-level leakage, the most important and critical equipment is the valve. Reasonable selection of electric valve can reduce the construction cost of the device and ensure the safe operation of production.
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