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'Made in Hanjiang' valve control system used in the West-East Gas Pipeline

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-12
Recently, 10 experts from China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec, and several domestic scientific research institutes gathered in Yangzhou to participate in the “Localization of Key Oil and Gas Pipeline Equipment” appraisal meeting jointly organized by China Industrial Machinery Federation and National Energy Administration. Experts conducted a serious analysis and appraisal of the 'electric actuator' produced by Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics, and finally came to a consistent appraisal result: 'It has reached the advanced level abroad, and it is recommended to promote its use.' As soon as the result came out, the employees of Hengchun Electronics He breathed a sigh of relief. Because this means that their 10-year hard work finally bears fruit. It also means that the company's products have broken the long-term monopoly of foreign companies and are expected to be applied on a large scale in large-scale projects such as the 'West-East Gas Pipeline' in the future.   'Electric actuator' is the key equipment to control the closing of pipeline valves. In layman's terms, it can be understood as the 'valve control system' of the pipeline. It is widely used in oil and gas transportation and other fields, and requires high quality and safety stability. According to the person in charge of the company, the opening and closing of the valve control system is related to the delivery volume of natural gas and oil. If the quality is not good enough, it is easy to cause accidents, which may cause accidents such as overpressure explosion or cause a large amount of economic loss or even life safety accidents, so the development ' 'Valve control system' is extremely cautious in the industry, and ordinary domestic enterprises dare not try. However, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics finally obtained the “localization of key equipment for oil and gas pipelines”, which means that the long-term monopoly of foreign products in the “valve control system” will be broken, and more and more places will use “Hanjiang” Manufacture' valve control system. At the appraisal meeting, the expert group believed that the 'valve control system' produced by Hengchun Electronics had reached the international advanced level, and its biggest highlight was the super torque, which is equivalent to the energy burst from 300 sports cars, which was opened manually. , Close, not only the procedure is cumbersome, but also time-consuming. The reporter learned that after the localization of key equipment, it will bring at least three advantages: 1. Shorten the supply cycle and ensure the progress of the project; 2. The after-sales service of the product responds in a timely manner. Once a failure occurs, it can be repaired in the shortest time; 3. It can significantly reduce construction costs and operating costs, thereby helping to stabilize energy prices.   The industry generally believes that with the advancement of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project and the advancement of Sino-Russian natural gas cooperation, this 'valve control system' for oil and gas transmission will have a huge market prospect in the future. It is understood that at present, several sets of valve control systems have been tried out in the Yizheng section of the West-East Gas Pipeline. After several years, no problems have occurred. It is foreseeable that after this appraisal meeting, more products will be used in the West-East Gas Pipeline Project.
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