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milestones in pressure boosting systems - industrial ...

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-21
With the advent of the era of water resources and efficient use of water resources, ATE has named it one of the most effective water resources management solutions for the next decade.
New HyP-
The ULTRA of ATE enterprise is another milestone in the era of water pressure booster pump.
These products have well-received energy-saving frequency conversion drivers (VFDs)
Installed inside
This is a low maintenance system and therefore pocket friendly.
The water pressure booster pump system is set to soft start, so the standby pump is no longer required as usual.
Technical implications: the product is constructed and manufactured efficiently using the best technology and applies the most cost-effective and productive components to space.
The supercharged system operates in a commendable wide pressure range of about 0-025 bar.
The size range of the device is from 0-240m.
CI of the hydraulic booster pump structure of the pump body (TFV)/AISI 304 (TFVI)
When the impeller of the machine is made by AISI 304 (TFV, TFVI)/316(TFVL).
The pump body is manufactured with AISI 304 (TFV, TFVI)/316(TFVL).
While the suction manifold is made up of the AISI 304/AISI 316, the discharge manifold, on the other hand, also uses the same building material.
Similarly, both the isolation valve and the NRV valve are constructed from the AISI 304/AISI 316.
Flow range of HyP-
Ultra-high pressure supercharging system in 0-0 range900 m3/hr.
The components put into use do this while keeping in mind and looking forward to the desired consistency and effectiveness. The HyP-
The ultra-high voltage supercharging system is driven by frequency conversion, which reduces power consumption.
It reduces wear through its powerful features, further helping to extend the life efficiency of the system.
These pressure lift systems are ideal for residential and commercial use and find a variety of applications in their complex. The HyP-
ULTRA can also be effectively integrated with existing or new building management systems to easily and efficiently monitor management systems.
It is effectively designed to reduce the water Strike effect.
Low cost of ownership increases the advantage of this product. The HyP-
The dual engineering of ATE enterprise has found its application in many dimensions.
Application: The water pressure booster pump manufactured and supplied by ATE enterprise is strong in structure.
The water management system is a very structured system, and its application has been found under different specifications.
Usually, at low
The pressure machine, the fixing of the water system current limiting device causes the flow pressure and water volume to be reduced to a bad level.
This is how this product is used in high processing.
Pressure water flows, on the one hand, handle the same amount of water at the same time.
Because of these benefits, HyP-
DUAL has found its applications in which the work will be done on huge parameters such as commercial complexes, large residential buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls and multiplexing of large compounds.
Main features: frequency conversion drive (VFDs)
After installation, ensure maximum power savings while minimizing wear and tear of water pressure booster pumps.
Since all pumps have soft start, no spare pump is required.
This is enriched by BMS compatibility/remote communication possibilities.
The machines are made up of solid infrastructure that has a solid building that can withstand adversity to the maximum extent possible.
The water cascade capacity of the pump is well received and recommended due to its smooth surge.
The boost system effectively manages the water supply and finds a way out in a variety of applications such as home and industry.
It can also be used in commercial buildings.
The machine maximizes its potential and makes effective use of water resources in different situations and situations. The HyP-
The ultra-hydraulic supercharged system launched by ATE enterprise has established its own name in the water management system by providing superior technology in the pursuit of technology.
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