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Mine gate valve manufacturer

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-03
Specializing in the production of explosion-proof electric gate valves for mines, the company's mission 'survive by quality, develop by benefits, and report to customers with integrity' has entered the new century. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Gate valve manufacturers specialize in the production of various valves with complete models. Price discount, perfect after-sales, mining gate valve manufacturers  low flow resistance, less effort during opening and closing, long opening and closing time, is a professional mining valve manufacturer, products are widely used in water treatment, chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, paper, Mining, electricity, liquefied gas, food, machinery and equipment industries. The special valve for mine gas is a special valve designed for gas, with the characteristics of two-way pressure, two-way sealing, anti-static and anti-corrosion. It is widely used in the pipeline of coal mine gas extraction system. The manufacturer of special valves for coal mine gas can fully meet the requirements of long-term safe operation of coal mine gas under high explosive and highly corrosive media. After the WSD mine gas electric special valve is matched with the KXBC mine explosion-proof valve electric device control box, the mine gas special valve manufacturer can connect with the DCS system to meet the requirements of coal mine automation control. The mine electric explosion-proof gate valve produced by our company is suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, with high safety factor, strong operation function and stable performance. There are two types of explosion-proof products, dI and dIIBT4, dI is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dIIBT4 is used in factories, and is suitable for explosive gas mixtures of IIA and IIB grades T1 to T4. Mine explosion-proof electric gate valves are suitable for flammable In explosive situations, the safety factor is high, the operation function is strong, and the performance is stable. There are two types of explosion-proof products, dI and dIIBT4. dI is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dIIBT4 is used in factories and is suitable for explosive gas mixtures of IIA and IIB grades T1 to T4. Features of actuators of mine gate valve manufacturers: 1. Power supply: motor is three-phase AC, 380V (special order 660V or 220V), 50Hz (special order 60Hz); control line is 220V, 50Hz (special order 60Hz); remote control is 24VDC. 2. Working environment: (1) Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃ (special order -60~+80℃). (2) Relative humidity: ≤90% (at 25°C). (3) Ordinary type and outdoor type are used in places where there is no flammable/explosive and non-corrosive medium; explosion-proof products are dI and dIIBT4. dI is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dIIBT4 is used in factories and is suitable for The environment is IIA, IIB grade T1~T4 explosive gas mixture. Valve MZ941H mining explosion-proof electric gate valve features:    1. The sealing surface has high hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life. 2. High hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. 3. The valve adopts pressure self-tightening seal or valve body and valve cover gasket seal structure, which is trustworthy! Safe and reliable to use. 4. The valve disc adopts a double gate with a universal top structure in the middle, which can automatically adjust the fit between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the valve. At the same time, this structure is convenient for maintenance, saves costs, and has better valve interchangeability. 5. The electric device is equipped with a torque control mechanism, an on-site operating mechanism and a hand and electric switching mechanism. In addition to ground operation, it can also perform remote operation, PLC control, 4-20mA current input and output intelligent control, etc. 6. The manual valve is opened by the manual mechanism or the hand wheel upon impact. Reduce valve operating force. 7. It can be installed in any position of the pipeline, and the carbon steel or alloy steel valve can be selected according to the temperature of the medium and the medium. 8. When installing and debugging for the first time, the valve must be manually opened to about half of the position, so as to avoid the motor phase sequence is reversed and the electric valve or electrical equipment is damaged.
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