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Mobile phone remote intelligent control of electric gate valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-10
Mobile phone remote control of intelligent electric gate valve does not require manual supervision or operation, and achieves a high degree of intelligence. It has manual calibration function, simple maintenance, accurate control, precise structure processing, high air tightness and safety. The new appearance design is closer to the home style. The wireless intelligent electric water valve controller is a new product developed based on wifi wireless transmission technology. This product is mainly used in intelligent irrigation systems. Different irrigation strategies can be set according to the different requirements of crops for irrigation through intelligent mobile terminals to achieve personalized irrigation. The working principle of wireless electric water valve wifi automatic valve control remote control valve. This product has a built-in low-power WiFi communication module, and supports WeChat voice and WEB remote control. It can be used as a linkage shut-off valve device. When the controller receives an alarm signal, it will Automatically cut off the electric valve, which can effectively prevent accidents. This product uses a dedicated imported motor drive chip, integrated driver overcurrent and overheating protection unit, with fast control response speed and anti-overload ability. Recently, a group of technicians performed simple operations on mobile phones. After a while, water from the outlet spouted out, and then , And successfully tried to release water from the remote outlet. The successful application of the new technology of intelligent gate valve in the Fenshui Yati Irrigation Station was announced. This is another happy event after the completion of the province's first mobile phone remote control irrigation station in Luxian in 2014. There are currently 21 remote-controlled irrigation and irrigation stations by mobile phones, of which the Fenshuiya irrigation and irrigation station is one of them. The irrigation station has 7 intelligent electric gate valves. After the electric gate valve is intelligent, the pumping station can not only remotely control the pump station, but also the electric gate valve. Our senior engineer Liu Hening gave technical guidance on site and introduced the technical characteristics and advantages of the Fenshuiya intelligent electric gate valve lifting irrigation station. 'The Fenshuiya intelligent electric gate valve lifting irrigation station reduces the labor intensity and professional technical capabilities of the management staff. This management system is based on the use of Internet technology. It comes with an expert system with self-protection, diagnosis and management functions. At the same time, it can manage the working status of each point to achieve energy saving. The next step will be to implement water management and water use Payment management realizes the leap from technological innovation to management innovation.' 'The Fenshuiya smart electric gate valve lift irrigation station further breaks the time and space restrictions. The smart electric gate valve can be remotely switched on and off through the mobile phone. The farmers only need a phone call to solve the problem. The guardians have stopped running, and no longer personally go to the field to switch the electric gate valve.' The valve technician said. It is reported that the mobile phone remote control of the intelligent electric gate valve technology of the Fenshui Yati Irrigation Station is the first attempt to expand the information function. Based on the remote control of the electric valve, the pumping and irrigation station further realizes the remote control of the electric gate valve. The smart electric gate valve can be used for positioning and timing operations, and the water flow can be quantitatively controlled, which not only effectively saves production water and improves agricultural production efficiency, but also greatly reduces production costs, management costs, maintenance costs, and realizes agricultural production Maximize benefits.
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