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my country's knife-type electric gate valve industry must learn to innovate

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
Knife-type electric gate valve The current technology of our country's valves is far below the foreign level. Although the sales volume is increasing day by day, the profitability is not high. The main reason is that the technology content is not high, so the price is relatively low and the profit is less. . Therefore, valve technology must be upgraded, and it is very important to highlight technology in valve technology. There are many types of knife-type electric gate valves in my country, but they cannot compete with foreign manufacturers because of their imperfect technology. The investment in new technology is the top priority. It is necessary to maintain innovation ability at all times, learn from foreign technology at all times, and continuously improve its product technology on this basis. From the perspective of international valve development, the competition is still very fierce. China’s valve products are not yet very competitive. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the technical content of valve production. In the past few years, the country has implemented the West-East Gas Pipeline At that time, a large number of valves are needed. In the process of bidding, most Zigong valve companies cannot participate in the bidding, and they are not even qualified to participate. It is conceivable that the quality of the products is definitely not good. There are so many valves in China. However, only one manufacturer succeeded in bidding. From this we can see that the technology of most domestic valve companies is still relatively backward.
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