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my country's valve companies should change their concepts and attach importance to industrial development

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-13
The rapid growth for more than 10 consecutive years has enabled my country's valve manufacturing industry to stand at the top of the global manufacturing country. However, with the global financial crisis and the slowdown of China's macroeconomic growth, this situation where market supply has been in short supply for many years will never return.     At present, the total valve market demand is greatly reduced, while the demand structure is rapidly increasing. As a result, orders for our mass-produced middle and low-end valves have fallen sharply, while the high-end valves urgently needed by key users have increased unabated. The transformation and upgrading of the industry has become an urgent historical mission. Improving the competitiveness of medium and high-end valves has become the top priority for transformation and upgrading at this stage.     my country's valve industry has been in development and progress, transformation and upgrading, and has also made great progress. In the first 10 years, we have gone through a period of focusing on scale expansion and variety expansion. The scale and GDP of our industry have increased, our factories have expanded, equipment has been transformed, personnel have increased, and productivity has increased.     has completed the process from scratch for many types and products, that is, it can never be done, can not be done, and can be done. During this period, we have filled the gaps in many products, and the valve market has generally been in short supply.     Compared with advanced enterprises in developed countries, we are still at the low end of the world industrial chain, and the market share of high-end valves has not increased. This is mainly because our products lack sufficient market competitiveness, especially in terms of stability and reliability. Compared with the control valves and control valves of advanced countries and domestic products, there is still a big gap.     Facing the situation where the transformation and upgrading of the valve industry has not achieved significant results, there are many reasons. One of them is related to our past practices. We paid attention to product development, did not focus on market research, and did not focus on completing industrialization.     To be more specific, it means to emphasize technology and craftsmanship, development and industrialization. Our products look very good on the surface, very advanced, advanced functions and performance indicators can be achieved, but it doesn't take long for users to go wrong. Or the product itself can be used, but the manufacturing cost is very high and lacks market competitiveness. Of course, the emergence of this situation has nothing to do with our policy orientation.     We have always paid more attention to the number of achievements and patents. We first solved the problem of existence and non-existence and filled many gaps. However, we failed to focus on bringing the results to the market and forming industrialization. Therefore, one of our main goals of transformation and upgrading at this stage is to focus more on doing a good job on the basis of the existing scale and varieties, that is, to achieve a fundamental leap.
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