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my country's valve standardization will become a trend in the next five years

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-17
my country's valve industry has been developing for decades. During this period, the improvement of domestic policies and economic situation has provided favorable development conditions for the valve industry, and its room for growth is also very huge. It is expected that the valve industry will have a big improvement in the next few years.     At present, my country's petrochemical industry is developing in the direction of large-scale, large-scale and internationalization, and will maintain sustainable development in the next five years. Dozens of domestic 10 million-ton-level oil refining units and mega-tonne-level ethylene units will be newly built, renovated and expanded, opening up a broad market for petrochemical valve demand. In addition, the various types of pumps currently in operation in domestic refineries are outdated and need to be updated and modified urgently.     The development direction of Sinopec's valves in the past five years has been large-scale, mechatronics, and product integration and standardization. In particular, the production technology of high temperature and high pressure valves, low temperature valves and ultra low temperature valves, corrosion-resistant stainless steel valves, stainless steel ball valves for conveying viscous media and solid particles will develop rapidly, and the demand will increase significantly.      my country's apparent consumption has reached the highest level in the world, close to 1/4 of the total global consumption, and the per capita consumption of stainless steel has reached 3.4KG, which has leapt to the forefront of developing countries. Stainless steel valves have excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, high strength, lightness and long service life. In recent years, stainless steel valves have been widely used in shipbuilding, rail vehicles and other transportation industries. With the development of machinery manufacturing, stainless steel valves will have a broader application prospect. However, the growth rate of consumption has gradually slowed down, from an ultra-high-speed development stage with an average annual consumption growth rate of more than 30% to a steady development stage with a current growth rate of 6.43%. The price of      valve market is relatively stable. Although there is a slight fluctuation every year, the magnitude is very small, and the market prospect is still promising. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics in 2009, there are more than 1,700 enterprises above designated size in the valve manufacturing industry in China, producing nearly 4 million tons of valves, a total industrial output value of 114.7 billion yuan, and a total profit of 6.39 billion yuan. In the future, the valve industry will develop in two main directions. One is to develop from a single variety to multiple varieties and specifications, and the other is to develop toward energy conservation. In order to meet the needs of a complete set of manufacturing projects, an enterprise needs to manufacture the valves required by the project, which determines the trend that a valve manufacturer will provide all of them.
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