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New breakthroughs in the field of valves promote the electric valve industry to focus on new materials

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-19
Nowadays, metal valves are commonly used in the production of various industries. Metal valves have been used for hundreds of years. Although the structure and materials have been improved during this period, they are more and more unable to adapt to the conditions of metal materials. The needs of harsh working conditions such as wear and strong corrosion are mainly reflected in the short service life and serious leakage, which greatly affects the stability of the system. Traditional metal valves are in urgent need of thorough innovation in terms of materials, design and manufacturing processes.  As a new material in the 21st century, advanced ceramic materials have been valued by more and more scientists. Applying it to industrial electric valves is a bold and beneficial innovation.  Electric valves have four advantages:   1. The use of high-tech new ceramic structural materials to make valve sealing parts and vulnerable parts improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing of electric valve products, and greatly extends the service life of the valve.  2. The use of ceramic valves can greatly reduce the number of valve maintenance and replacement, improve the safety and stability of the supporting equipment operating system, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and save equipment repair costs.  3. The use of ceramic valves can improve the tightness of industrial piping systems, and at the same time can prevent leakage to the greatest extent, which will play a positive role in promoting environmental protection.  4. The raw materials for manufacturing ceramics are wide and the cost is low. Using aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements can produce ceramic materials with superior performance, which can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources.  The new ceramic electric valve is mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, especially in the face of high wear, strong corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and other harsh working conditions, showing its excellent performance. It can meet the use environment of high wear and strong corrosion, and its outstanding feature is its long service life, and its performance-price ratio is far superior to similar metal valves.   Ceramic material formulations, molding, processing and assembly techniques are becoming more mature and complete. Ceramic electric valves are increasingly recognized by the industry due to their excellent performance.
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