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New information on electric valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-09
In pipeline engineering, the correct selection of electric valves is one of the guarantee conditions to meet the requirements of use. If the electric valves used are not selected properly, it will not only affect the use, but also bring adverse consequences or serious losses. Therefore, in the pipeline In engineering design, electric valves and electric valves should be selected correctly, with preferential prices, complete stocking, fast delivery, first-long good valves, electric valve supporting manufacturers, year-end promotions, professional manufacturers, electric head manufacturers, direct delivery by manufacturers, with switch adjustment Valves, electric valves, electric valve actuators, widely used in valves, provide products that can be remotely controlled, remote control, supporting car owners, interactive display, convenient operation., electric actuator manufacturers. Welcome customers to consult and purchase, professional R u0026 D and manufacture of electric valves. Electric valves are of international quality, and you are welcome to visit our production base, quality assurance, professional and reliable, and available from stock! Electric valves are impossible to achieve valve program control, automatic control and remote control For lack of equipment, its operation process can be controlled by the strength of stroke, torque or axial thrust. Since the working characteristics and utilization of electric valve devices depend on the type of valve, the working specifications of the device and the position of the valve on the pipeline or equipment, the correct selection of the electric valve device can prevent overloading (the working torque is higher than the control Torque) is critical. The driving of the electric valve is generally by a motor, and it takes a certain amount of time to complete the opening or closing action, which can be adjusted. Relatively withstand voltage shock. Solenoid valves are quick-opening and quick-closing. They are generally used where small flow and small pressure require high switching frequency; electric valves are the opposite. The opening degree of the electric valve valve can be controlled, and the state is open, closed, half-open and half-closed, which can control the flow of the medium in the pipeline, but the solenoid valve cannot meet this requirement. The three-wire electric valve has three lines F/R/N, F represents the forward action (or open action) control line, R represents the reverse action (or close action) control line, and N represents the ground line. Solenoid valve is a type of electric valve; it uses the magnetic field generated by the solenoid coil to pull the valve core, thereby changing the on and off of the valve body, the coil is de-energized, and the valve core retreats by the pressure of the spring. With the continuous development of valve technology, the continuous expansion of the application field of electric valves and corresponding valve standards are becoming more and more indispensable. The products of the electric valve industry have developed from the initial extensive type to the current detailed innovation. Product categories need to be updated. The internal management of the enterprise also needs to deepen reforms in accordance with the industry standards. Therefore, we need to make full use of existing standards and look forward to the future. Research out new standards and new systems that can be used in the future to promote higher-level development of valve technology. The valve industry has been developing in China for decades, and it has gone through a difficult and brilliant period. Although there are still many problems in the domestic valve industry, it is generally good. In the future, the valve industry will develop in two main directions: one is to develop from a single variety of multiple varieties and specifications; the other is to develop in the direction of energy saving. Farewell to difficulties and brilliance, the electric valve industry has entered a period of innovation. Daily maintenance and maintenance of electric valve 1. The electric valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage must be blocked.  2. The electric valve stored for a long time should be checked regularly, clean up the dirt, and apply anti-rust oil on the processing surface.  3. After the installation, regular inspections should be carried out. The first item to be checked is:    (1) Wear condition of sealing surface.  (2) Wear condition of trapezoidal thread of stem and stem nut.  (3) Whether the packing is out of date and invalid, if damaged, it should be replaced in time.  (4) After the electric valve is overhauled and installed, a sealing function test shall be carried out.
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