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New trends of D971X-10 electric butterfly valve demand at home and abroad

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-22
The new trend of domestic and foreign demand for D971X-10 electric butterfly valve. Looking at the entire valve market of today’s social and economic integration, there are two different development situations at home and abroad. In comparison, foreign competition is active and promotes each other. In the international market Becoming a starting point for prosperity, D971X-10 electric butterfly valve, as a new trend of domestic and foreign development, bears a great responsibility. For this D971X electric butterfly valve with 90-degree rotary switch function, high reliability, safety and long service life, its compact structure and high-quality materials are widely used in hydropower plants, steel plants, paper printing plants, medical catering It provides drainage devices and other aspects, which play a good role in regulating and preventing. This product adopts a reasonable double eccentric structure, which is the function of tighter and tighter sealing during use. This kind of material with stronger sealing performance is used in The selection also needs to be very cautious. D971X-10 electric butterfly valve's sealing material is matched with stainless steel and oil-resistant rubber for longer service life. This emerging product has a unique structure and is easier to operate, labor-saving and convenient. It also has a certain applicable temperature and applicable medium. However, it has different characteristics according to the location of the rubber sealing ring, and users can choose by themselves. With the continuous improvement of economic development, the changes in the World Trade Organization market continue to update and change, users' demand for the market is also increasing, and the production cycle of manufacturers is gradually shortening to meet the needs of a large number of enterprises. D971X- 10 The disc version of the electric butterfly valve adopts a frame structure that is not only high in strength, but also large in area and small in resistance. It is very user-friendly and attracts more and more attention in the market. Its exterior as a whole is painted for effectiveness. To prevent rust, the internal sealing valve seat can be used for different media.
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