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Overview of the valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-06
Overview of the valve The device that controls the fluid flow in the pipeline by changing the cross-section of the pipeline passage is called a valve or a valve. The main function of the valve in the pipeline is to connect or cut off the medium; prevent the medium from flowing; adjust the pressure, flow and other parameters of the medium; separate, mix or distribute the medium; prevent the medium pressure from exceeding the specified value to ensure the pipeline Or the safety of containers and equipment. With the development of modern science and technology, valves are increasingly used in industry, construction, agriculture, national defense, scientific research, and people's lives. They have become indispensable general-purpose mechanical products in various fields of human activities. Valves have a wide range of applications in pipeline engineering. Due to different purposes, there are many types of valves. Especially in recent years, new structures, new materials and new uses of valves have been continuously developed. In order to unify manufacturing standards, to correctly select and identify valves, and to facilitate production, installation and replacement, closed-door varieties and specifications are moving towards standardization, generalization, and serialization.
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