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Plastic electric butterfly valve manufacturer

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-13
Plastic electric butterfly valve manufacturer, electric plastic butterfly valve which manufacturer is good electric plastic butterfly valve which manufacturer is good, the valve is mainly electric plastic butterfly valve, the company is committed to creating intelligent integrated valve, FRPP, PPH, CPVC, UPVC, PVDF and other electric plastic butterfly valves -Roster valve, escort your pipeline, why choose electric plastic butterfly valve, upvc electric plastic butterfly valve, pvc electric plastic butterfly valve, DC electric plastic butterfly valve, d971s explosion-proof electric plastic butterfly valve, electric plastic wafer butterfly valve d971x, D971X -10S electric UPVC plastic butterfly valve. The electric plastic butterfly valve is light in weight and strong in corrosion resistance. It is used in many fields, such as general pure water and raw drinking water piping systems, drainage and sewage piping systems, salt water and seawater piping systems , Acid-base and chemical solution systems and other industries, the quality is recognized by the majority of users. It is composed of an integrated electric actuator and a plastic butterfly valve. Input 220V power supply to directly adjust on-off value. Servo module can also be built-in, input control signal (4~20mADC or 1~5VDC) and single-phase power supply to control operation, PPR The operating temperature is -20℃~70℃; the operating temperature of PP is -20℃~95℃; the operating temperature of GFRPP is -20℃~120℃. Good impact resistance: PPR and GFRPP have high mechanical strength and impact resistance. The inner wall of the product is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the conveying efficiency is high. The performance of the plastic electric butterfly valve manufacturer of the valve manufacturer is summarized as follows: 1. It has a large flow capacity, and the pressure loss through the valve is very small; 2. The valve body of the plastic electric butterfly valve has very significant economic efficiency, especially the larger diameter butterfly valve ; 3. Especially suitable for liquids and gases with relatively clean medium; 4. The valve body requires only installation space, and the working principle is simple and reliable; 5. Approximately equal percentage flow characteristics can be used for adjustment or on-off control; 6. Plastic electric The valve body of the butterfly valve is matched with the standard convex pipe flange; 7. The plastic electric butterfly valve is widely used in the industry. Precautions for installation of plastic electric butterfly valve: 1. The valve should be closed before installation. The valve channel should be blocked by a cover plate when welding; to prevent particles and debris from scratching the sealing surface; 2. Installation and commissioning personnel should read carefully Instruction manuals and manuals for pneumatic and electric actuators shall be installed, operated, debugged and wired in strict accordance with the manuals and wiring diagrams; 3. When the user requires pressure test, be sure to use both ends of the flange to clamp or install on the valve pressure test bench Pressure test; 4. Check whether there is debris in the passage and sealing surface of the plastic electric butterfly valve, and remove it in time; 5. Carefully check whether the use of the plastic electric butterfly valve is consistent with its performance specifications; (temperature, pressure); 6. The butterfly valve must be opened after unpacking Install in time, do not loosen any fastening screws or nuts on the valve at will.
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