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Pneumatic gate valve companies seize the opportunity to promote development, safe operation is the key

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-01
Pneumatic gate valve companies seize the opportunity to promote the development of safe operation is the key. The contribution of large enterprises and key industries to Wenzhou’s industry has been further improved. The county's industrial output value broke through and made outstanding contributions. In order to boost development confidence, Wenzhou has put forward the industrial development goal of 'innovating to tackle tough problems\'Government-enterprise linkage to solve difficult problemsThe city leaders contacted key enterprises, asked the front line to help the poor, selected outstanding reserve cadres, key old party members and cadres, stationed in the enterprise, and implemented policies for the enterprise. All labor-related departments took the initiative to walk into the company to help sort out development problems and solve practical problems. The economic and trade, land, urban construction, environmental protection, and approval centers formed a 'Wednesday to the Countryside' enterprise service team, and went to the park and industrial towns to work on-site to solve the difficulties in project implementation and enterprise development. Accelerate the entrepreneurial innovation of the industrial economy, and further support the acceleration of the development of the industrial economy, and a series of documents have been issued intensively. It is understood that the various burdens of enterprises are reduced and exempted, support and reward funds are issued to enterprises, to help enterprises sort out problems, implement technological transformation projects, and help enterprises raise funds. Industrial enterprise loans have increased year-on-year. Attracting investment across the country is an effective way for Wenzhou to expand investment, promote production, resolve the crisis, and achieve growth against the trend. In order to encourage enterprises to build and put into production as soon as possible, the project 'Newcomer Award, Commencement Award' was specially added. Under the strong promotion of the government, a batch of new projects were completed and put into production. The new projects put into production burst out with strong vitality and become a strong engine for Wenzhou's industrial acceleration. A batch of newly put into production enterprises, the output value that year exceeded 100 million yuan. A number of new projects are being built quickly. Zhejiang Yizhong Special Steel Co., Ltd., located in Gexi Village, Chuanliao Town, is still stepping up construction under the circumstances of a bad market environment. Using only the opportunity of falling raw material prices, the company 'earned' millions of yuan before it went into production. The more crisis there is, the more we must accelerate the transformation and upgrading. For enterprises to develop, safe operations cannot be ignored. Pneumatic gate valve pressure test management regulations 1. After opening the box, the pneumatic gate valve should be visually inspected, including complete nameplates on the valve body, product quality certification documents, pneumatic gate valve in a closed state, no other damage such as blue surface, no dirt, and both ends Protective cover, etc. 2. The operator should be familiar with the operation of the pressure test bench. 3. The pneumatic gate valve pressure test JHA is perfect. The operator should be familiar with the safety hazards of the valve pressure test and reverse transportation and take corresponding preventive measures. 4. The pressure test process of pneumatic gate valve is: valve shell strength test, upper seal test, and seal test. (1) Pneumatic gate valve shell strength test medium is water, the pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure of the valve, the pressure holding time is 5 minutes, and no leakage or moisture is qualified. (2) The sealing test medium on the pneumatic gate valve is water, the pressure is 1.5 times of the nominal pressure, the pressure holding time is 15s for DN≤50, 60s for 65≤DN≤300, and 120s for DN≥350. No leakage is qualified. (3) Pneumatic gate valve sealing test. Low pressure sealing test is carried out. The test medium is air (gate valve), the pressure is 0.6MPa, the pressure holding time is 15s for DN≤50, 60s for 65≤DN≤150, and 120s for DN≧200. Meet the requirements as qualified. (4) After the pressure test is qualified, the water in the valve cavity should be blown dry with compressed air in time. (5) Pneumatic gate valves that pass the pressure test are marked √ on the valve body, and unqualified valves are marked ×. (6) After the pressure test, the pneumatic gate valves should be stacked separately according to the model and specifications of the device, and the unqualified products should be stacked separately; each stacking area should be erected with a clear sign. After the pressure test, the valve should be closed and sealed, and covered and protected with colored cloth in the stacking area. (7) After the pressure test of the pneumatic gate valve, the 'Valve/Pipe Fitting Test Record' should be filled in according to the device in time, and the model column should be filled in with the purchase contract number on the valve body. (8) For the delivery of qualified pneumatic gate valves, the valve 'Valve Issuance Record' must be filled in and signed by both the issuing and receiving parties. (9) Unqualified valves need to establish a separate 'Unqualified Valve Information Ledger'
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