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Precautions for the use and installation of electric gate valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
Precautions for the use and installation of electric gate valves:    electric gate valves can be installed on horizontal pipelines or vertical pipelines. Single and double gate valves should be installed on horizontal pipelines, and the handwheel should be located above the valve. Installation is not allowed. The flow direction of the gate valve medium is not restricted.  Electric gate valve usually adopts flange connection, and welding connection is also useful in special occasions.  For large-diameter and high-pressure gate valves, the opening and closing torque is relatively large. In order to reduce the opening and closing torque, a bypass valve can be installed. The bypass valve is installed outside the main gate valve, and its inlet and outlet are connected to both sides of the main gate valve and connected in parallel. The bypass valve should be opened before the main gate valve is opened. After entering the valve, the pressure difference between the front and back of the main gate valve's gate plate is reduced, thereby reducing the opening torque of the main gate valve. The selection of the bypass valve diameter should be considered according to the main valve diameter and use requirements.  The electric gate valve is a shut-off valve, and its sealing performance is not as good as that of the shut-off valve. The main 'duty' of the gate valve is 'stop flow' and with the least resistance: 'continuous flow'. It is not suitable for adjusting the flow and pressure of the medium. If used for long-term adjustment, the sealing surface is easily eroded and worn by the medium, which affects the sealing performance.   The medium temperature and pressure of the electric gate valve should pay attention to the reliability of use. At high temperature and high pressure, the gate may die due to temperature changes. At the same time, the uneven temperature of the medium everywhere makes it easy to produce leaks. Wedge type but gate valve is particularly obvious.
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