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Principle and Application of J941H-16C Electric Globe Valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-21
The principle and application of J941H-16C electric shut-off valve The shut-off valve is very unfamiliar to most people. The literal meaning is to cut off the fluid flowing in the pipeline. However, there are many applications in industrial production and urban water and steam pipeline systems. Nowadays, the electric shut-off valve that can be controlled by electricity is widely used. A typical one is the J941H-16C electric shut-off valve. The J941H-16C electric globe valve uses a plug-shaped disc. This kind of shut-off valve requires different force when it is closed and when it is opened, and it needs more force when it is closed to hinder the fluid. Because this valve is designed in this way, there are regulations on the direction of fluid inflow and outflow. When installing, be careful not to install it backwards. In addition, the difference between this valve and gate valve during installation is that the gate valve needs to be installed vertically, while the J941H-16C electric globe valve needs to be installed horizontally. The J941H-16C electric globe valve has a wide range of applicable temperatures and pressures, which can meet the needs of most industrial production. This valve can not only control the opening and closing of the pipeline, but also control the flow rate. It is also worth mentioning that based on the excellent sealing performance of this valve, it is also widely used in vacuum systems. J941H-16C electric shut-off valve can also easily realize automatic control. This kind of automatic control does not simply use electricity to control, but can be connected to a remote computer, using computer programming to rely on the program to automatically achieve, saving a lot of manpower, but also makes the control more precise, after all, the computer program in terms of time Mastering is more precise than manual. However, computers cannot be completely relied on. Workers or technicians are also required to control the shut-off valve, so as to avoid program problems that may cause the valve to fail to operate normally, causing loss or even danger. Since this valve is often used in industry, it is better not to install it at will when it is used for the first time. It is best to have a professional from the manufacturer to install and debug.
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