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Promote the renewal of electric valves with innovation

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-13
The development of industrial electric valve enterprises has always been one of the important indicators of national economic development. For the current industrial development of our country, in addition to the pursuit of efficiency, the most important thing is to pursue quality. Generally speaking, my country's industrial enterprises have many development obstacles such as a single industrial structure, backward technology, and low innovation awareness. A large number of industrial enterprises urgently need internal transformation and adjustment. This is the requirement of the times and the call of the market. Valve is an intelligent electric valve enterprise that has continuously developed under such an industrial background. The development of an industrial enterprise depends on many factors. Electric valves have been adhering to the development concept of 'technology-based, environmental protection and innovationTaking electric valve products as an example, companies have successively launched various types of valve products such as electric gate valves, electric butterfly valves, electric globe valves, electric ball valves, electric regulating valves, and electric actuators. From the point of view of product characteristics, the improved electric valve is easier and more convenient to operate. Its design adopts a new type of packing structure, which reduces the friction and corrosion on the surface of the valve stem while ensuring that the transported medium does not leak. . At the same time, the product adopts a double gate design, which can reduce processing errors on the one hand, and can also achieve the purpose of rapid maintenance. From the product use effect, the sealing effect of the electric valve is more obvious, and it can adapt to the high-strength pressure test and high-temperature test conditions, and the sealing reliability is proportional to the pressure value. Since the improved valve products were launched on the market, they have attracted much attention in the industry and received unanimous praise from many users. It is reported that in order to develop new technologies, valve manufacturers have visited and studied abroad many times, and have experienced many twists and turns in the learning process, but the company has never given up on learning, and has never stopped moving forward. The renewal of any product embodies the hard work and efforts of countless technical personnel. Industrial enterprises are constantly making progress and advancing under such a suspicious and truthful thinking. If an enterprise has no sense of innovation and technical guarantee, it will certainly not be able to gain a foothold in the market for a long time. Only a company that truly upholds innovative concepts and continuously pursues technological innovation can be truly accepted by the market and the products developed can truly gain market share. Recognized. In the future, we will continue to maintain a pragmatic Ru0026D learning attitude, further control product quality, carefully polish each electric valve product, and use practical actions to promote the development of the industrial intelligent electric valve industry.
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