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Pump and valve elites gather in Rongcheng to discuss the future of the industry

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-18
On September 13, 2013, KSB was awarded the title of 'Forbes Top 100 Best Commercial Cities in Mainland China' and enjoyed the reputation of 'China's Top 50 Cities in Comprehensive Strength' and 'China's Livable Cities'. City), held an unprecedented 'KSB Pump Valve Fuzhou Promotion Conference'. This is KSB's first core business seminar in Rongcheng. The participating companies and organizations mainly include KSB Pump Co., Ltd., KSB Valve Co., Ltd., Water Supply and Drainage Branch of Fujian Civil Engineering Society, Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute, Fuzhou Paikeji Trading Co., Ltd., Fujian Water Supply and Drainage Technology Information Network, etc., attended the meeting with more than 150 guests, not only the leaders of the provincial architectural design and research institute, the head of KSB's core business, but also many elites in the pump and valve industry People can be described as a gathering of talents and experts. The promotion seminar kicked off on time at 2:30 pm. Mr. Cheng Hongwei, chairman of the Water Supply and Drainage Branch of Fujian Civil Engineering Society and chief engineer of Fujian Architectural Design and Research Institute, took the lead in giving an opening speech for the conference. The stage was impassioned, and the enthusiasm was high. Chairman Cheng took the event into a better place in just a few minutes. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Gong Yuanpeng, manager of KSB valve general business department, gave a wonderful speech, which once again set off the climax of the conference. In the next time, Mr. Liu Shihong, KSB pump general business building project manager, Ms. Wang Danqing, technical support, Mr. Wang Baoxing, head of KSB valve general business department, and other industry talents introduced and explained the German KSB and KSB pump valves in the building system. The core business content of the application, Omega/ETN air-conditioning pump, Movitec/Amarex/Mini-Compacta, etc. has been warmly received and highly recognized by the participants. The last 'final program' was the head of KSB's department answering questions on the spot. The venue immediately showed a lively scene of exchanges and interactions, meeting each other late, and the sympathy and sympathy between the elites and experts, which pushed the conference forward for a long time. The endless surging orgasm. Around six o'clock, it was a dinner for KSB people and distinguished guests. At the banquet, everyone toasted frequently and wished that KSB would go hand in hand with our partners and customers to build the future together! Let us use a new Slogan of KSB as the conclusion of this article: 'Kesby contributes to the earth and the human environment!
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