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Pump Valve Platform participated in the 2013 National University Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Conference

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-04
In order to promote the docking of Wenzhou (Yongjia Market, Longwan Market) electromechanical enterprises with famous universities in the compound, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities and the transformation and development of enterprises, on the morning of July 11, the Municipal Science and Technology Cooperation Exchange Center and Ouhai District Science and Technology Bureau will jointly undertake The Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Conference of Famous Universities of the National University (Mechanical and Electrical Industry) was held in the incubator of Wenzhou University Science Park. Lu Zhiyuan, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Liu Huanbin, director of the Science and Technology Cooperation Division of the Science and Technology Bureau, and experts and scholars from various universities, research institutes, and business leaders seeking technical support participated in the promotion. The lead unit of the pump and valve platform, Lanzhou University of Technology Wenzhou Pump and Valve Engineering Research Institute, and the core unit Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. participated in the event. Associate Professor Zhang Liqiang of Wenzhou Research Institute introduced the basic situation and scientific research capabilities of the research institute to the participants, and concentrated on promoting the application and device of super-hard corrosion-resistant film on ball valve spheres, valve flow characteristics test bench technology (electromechanical, valve, Water pump), centrifugal pump comprehensive performance test bench, electrical control and data acquisition system, are three technical achievements. The remaining dozen colleges and research institutes have also introduced more than 50 technical achievements with electromechanical characteristics. It promotes the cooperation and docking between the scientific and technological achievements of famous domestic universities and scientific research institutes and Wenzhou enterprises and industries. It also promotes the development of emerging industries and the revitalization of traditional industries, which will further accelerate the improvement of local enterprises' independent innovation capabilities. Associate Professor Zhang Liqiang, the lead unit of the platform, made a presentation on the results
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