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Q911F-16 electric ball valve has been widely used in various industries

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-23
Q911F-16 electric ball valve has been widely used in various industries in the field of life, the demand for valves is relatively small, but in industry, it is precisely because of the appearance of valves that more companies continue to improve, and the efficiency also rises. Therefore, I try my best to promote the use of Q911F-16 electric ball valve in the market, and I believe that more manufacturers will choose it. Q911F-16 electric ball valve has the characteristic of rotating ninety degrees. The rotating body is a sphere, which has a circular hole and its passage passes through the axis. The function of the electric ball valve is to cut off in the pipeline and distribute a series of The movement of the colleague changes the flow direction of the medium. This type of Q911F-16 electric ball valve can close the valve tightly and tightly with only a small turning force and rotary operation. It is most suitable for switching and shutting off the valve. In the development trend of the year, the manufacturer has designed the ball valve to have the function of throttling and control. Its main feature is that its own mechanism is very compact and the sealing is very good. It is more convenient for maintenance. The sealing surface and the spherical surface are perfectly connected. It is in a closed state, so it is less likely to be eroded by the medium. Such an electric valve is more suitable to work in a harsh working environment, such as an aerobic environment, methane and ethylene. The valve body of the electric ball valve is also integral You can choose the combined type according to your needs. It is more convenient to operate, suitable for working in water solvents, acids, natural gas and other media. It is a well-deserved electric ball valve. After introducing its characteristics, I believe you will also understand it. The application of valves in the current society is unknown. Unconsciously expand it, don’t hesitate anymore. Having such a high-performance electric valve will relieve you a lot of inconvenience. Of course, the electric ball valve can be used effectively for a long time and is not easy to damage.
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