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Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has conducted special supervision and spot checks on the quality of the valve products for citizens

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-19
Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has conducted special supervision and spot checks on the quality of civilian valve products produced and sold in this city. A total of 44 batches of civil valve products were spot-checked this time, and 4 batches were unqualified after inspection. This supervision and spot check is based on QB2759-2006 'Right angle valve for sanitary ware and heating pipesIn addition to the requirements of national standards and related standards, the products were inspected.     spot check found that the nominal JF-03 brass triangular angle valve produced by Zhejiang Xinxin Copper Co., Ltd. was unqualified in terms of flow and pipe thread accuracy. The quality supervision department stated that if the product flow does not reach the standard value, it will affect the use effect when it is connected to the water appliance. Unqualified pipe thread accuracy items will affect the installation and use of the product. The products with unqualified pipe thread accuracy items also include the nominal diameter G1/2 'HeGll' angle valve hose produced by Foshan Hengjie Sanitary Co., Ltd., and the nominal F001' produced by Beijing Runde Hongtu Technology Development Co., Ltd. 'Submarine' submarine Lizhi angle valve, nominal CH08 (single heat) 'ZHOCI' rocket triangle valve produced by Taizhou Zhongci Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Visually inspect the valve when purchasing, and the surface should be free of blisters; the plating surface should be evenly glossy, and attention should be paid to whether there are peeling, cracking, scorching, bottoming, peeling, dark spots, and obvious pitting defects; the spraying surface structure should be fine and smooth Even, there must be no defects such as sagging and bottoming.     Civil valves are currently commonly used in ordinary households in the form of gate valves, ball valves, triangle valves, etc., generally made of iron or copper.      Because copper alloys have good mechanical properties, are not easy to rust, and have the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, copper valves have gradually replaced iron valves. The surface of the triangle valve is basically electroplated. Its function is not only to control the flow of the pipeline medium, but also to play a decorative role. Triangle valves generally connect pipes and water inlet hoses for water supply from faucets and toilets, and there are also connecting pipes and water inlet hoses for water heaters.
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