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Regarding the valve, is there an inside story you don't know?

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-06
2020 has entered the last quarter, and the breath of the New Year is coming to us step by step with the severe cold. The hotly screened 'Heroes of Fire' shows us the most 'burning' scene. Jiang Liwei and Zhou Hao formed a tough team. Manually close the four valves to fundamentally control the fire. Among them, a valve needs to turn 8000 turns to close, and it takes 6 hours to manually close the valve. Everyone asks, is it just a valve? What kind of valve needs to turn so many turns? In fact, the character prototype Sangwu who turns the valve 8000 laps with bare hands in the movie has to add another zero! 80,000 laps! ! ! On July 16, 2010, a fire broke out at Dalian Xingang Wharf. The fire spread quickly and was extremely dangerous-because just around the fire site, there were more than 100 giant oil storage tanks of 100,000 tons. If the valve cannot be closed, more than 100 oil storage tanks will explode in series, and the entire Dalian Development Zone may cease to exist. Manual rotation of 8000 rpm is a difficult task in a dangerous fire scene. In the real 'July 16 RescueSome people on the Internet do not understand why the valve design is so complicated and turns so many times. Actually, this valve is not what we usually turn on and off the water pipe at home. It is usually controlled by electric. Usually, it can be done in a few minutes, but at that time the control room was burned out in a sea of u200bu200bfire. In fact, the actual situation is 80,000 revolutions. Why do we need to turn so much? This is similar to the lever principle, because the valve is subjected to a lot of pressure (more than 100 giant oil storage tanks of 100,000 tons), so the required force is also very large, and the number of turns will be more labor-saving. For example, if there are 100 scales on the valve, you can only increase one scale after 800 revolutions, so you need a lot less force for one revolution. Valve editor, as a mechanical portrait of a valve who often comes into contact with valves, I saw the valve products in the film and felt very familiar and kind, because about the valve as a person, the product has already been integrated into their own life. How many days and nights are they watching people use? A product carefully polished by the craftsman spirit. How many times have they broken through the technical barriers? The family members were ecstatic. In the film, the port manager said that the valve of the No. 01 oil tank that was on fire was not closed. If the burning crude oil flows to other oil tanks, then The consequences are disastrous. In the picture, we clearly see that the valve is driven by an electric actuator, plus a handwheel. If you look carefully, the valve is a ball valve. So when it comes to the advantages of this valve, no one knows better than our family. The electric ball valve is driven by an electric actuator, so if you want to close these valves, energize the actuator, and then remotely control it through the control room. Therefore, in the film, Jiang Liwei played by Huang Xiaoming pulled the power supply operator played by Yin Xiaotian to close the valve. It is a pity that when four electric ball valves in a district were turned off, a strong explosion occurred at the scene, and the power supply truck was destroyed by explosives. . The 4 electric ball valves in the other area can only be closed manually by the firefighter. They will only be buckled every 80 turns. One valve needs to be tightened 8000 turns. In reality, it needs to be tightened 80,000 turns. 4 valves are fired in reality. The crew twisted 320,000 laps for 8 hours. In this environment, so many turns are required, which is indeed admirable. Witnessing the firefighting team's full awareness of the overall situation in the peaceful era, the heroic image of the firefighting rescue team as the last line of defense between critical moments and disasters and the people, reflecting the unchanging original intention and mission of the firefighting officers and fighters to 'go through fire and water and serve the people wholeheartedly' in the face of the fierce fire Take charge. The safe use of the valve in the film is about the performance of the actuator. People can be described as professional people who do professional things and know it well. It consists of a handle switch piece, an upright lever clutch pressure spring and so on. When handwheel operation is required, the handle is pushed in the manual direction, and the switching member lifts the clutch and presses the compression spring. When the handle is pushed to a certain position, the clutch disengages from the worm gear and meshes with the hand wheel. The outer diameter of the valve ranges from small instrument valves to industrial pipeline valves with an outer diameter of several meters. The working pressure of the valve ranges from a minimum of 0.0013 MPa to an ultra-high pressure of 1000 MPa, and the working temperature can range from an ultra-low temperature of -270°C to a temperature of 1430°C. At high temperature, the valve can control the flow of various types of fluids such as water, oil, and gas under different environments and pressures. Everyone may know a little about valves, so about the valve factory, you need to know the valve. Recently, the large trucks waiting to be loaded and unloaded in the factory area of u200bu200bthe enterprise have once again lined up. Workers are busy loading and unloading, and forklift drivers shuttle between the warehouse and the factory. Every corner. Workers in every link of the production chain are gearing up to stand and fight passionately for the severe winter that has arrived. In order to ensure punctual delivery, these lovely people worked overtime to speed up production and increased the number of delivery vehicles accordingly to ensure that they would be delivered to each site in time. Senior professional and technical personnel and modern production equipment, implement the mass production and volume mode, under the premise of ensuring product quality, maximize the benefits to customers, stabilize sales, and pave the way for the next step in the preparation for listing. Since the beginning of this year, the sales boom of enterprises has increased unabated, orders across the country have increased substantially, uninterrupted shipments and production have been ushered in the factory area, and the output of each workshop has continued to break new highs. It is precisely because of the selfless dedication of these people who are fighting silently in the workplace that the valve company can thrive.
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