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'Research and Industrialization of Valve Electric Devices for Third Generation Nuclear Power Plants' Project Acceptance Meeting

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-25
On the morning of May 14, 2016, the 'Ru0026D and industrialization of valve electric devices for the third generation of nuclear power plants' project acceptance meeting was held in the meeting room on the third floor of Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd. The leaders of Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Wujin District Science and Technology Bureau, High-tech Zone Science and Technology Bureau, and experts from Jiangsu University, Changzhou University, and Changzhou Vocational and Technical College of Mechatronics attended the meeting. At the meeting, Vice President Jiang Yingxin gave a welcome speech, and then Director Ge Runping of the Technical Department reported on the overall implementation of the project: This project has developed DC valve electric devices for AP1000 nuclear power plants, high-torque (5000-30000Nm) valve electric devices for nuclear power plants, Digital valve electric device factory test bench and life test bench, Bluetooth configuration, intelligent temperature control technology, dynamic torque sensor technology, PLC and configuration software technology, to achieve precise control of operating torque, which meets the requirements of the third generation of domestic nuclear power plants Accident emergency electric device and nuclear power large valve matching needs. During the project implementation period, 12 patents were applied for and 7 patents were authorized, including 1 invention and 5 utility models. 9 new equipments were added, 2 masters were introduced, and 2 senior engineers were trained. Through the implementation of the project, the company's research and development capabilities have been improved, and the company was identified as 'Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center' during the project period. After the project status report, the leaders and experts inspected the company’s nuclear power and assembly workshops, reviewed relevant materials and questioned them. Director Xu Xuhua of the Finance Department also exchanged opinions with the financial experts involved in the acceptance on the project’s use of funds, sales revenue, profits and taxes and other economic indicators . Finally, the acceptance expert group believed that the project basically completed the target tasks stipulated in the contract, and agreed that the project passed the acceptance.
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