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Selection principle of electric valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-22
Electric valves, electric actuators are sold directly by manufacturers, with complete models, reliable quality, reasonable prices, and perfect after-sales. This product is of good quality and meets customer requirements. I will give you a detailed introduction to the principles of selection of electric valves. First, electric valves should meet the following basic principles: First, safety and reliability Petrochemical, power station, metallurgy and other industries require continuous, stable, and long-term operation. Therefore, the required valve should have high reliability and a large safety factor. It should not cause major production safety and personal injury accidents due to valve failure; to meet the requirements of long-term operation of the device, long-term continuous production is a benefit; in addition, reduce or avoid Due to the leakage caused by the valve, create a clean and civilized factory and implement HSE (that is, health, safety, and environment) management. Second, to meet the requirements of process production    electric valves should meet the needs of the medium, working pressure, working temperature and purpose. This is also the most basic requirement for valve selection. If the valve is required to protect against overpressure, safety valves and overflow valves should be used to discharge excess media; check valves should be used to prevent the backflow of media during operation; it is necessary to automatically eliminate the continuous condensation of steam pipes and equipment Water, air and other non-condensable gases, while preventing the escape of steam, should use traps. In addition, when the medium is corrosive, materials with good corrosion resistance should be selected. Third, the operation, installation, and inspection (maintenance) are convenient. After the electric valve is installed, it should enable the operator to correctly identify the valve direction, opening sign, and indication signal, so as to facilitate timely and decisive handling of various emergency faults. At the same time, the selected valve type structure should be as simple as possible, easy to install, inspect (maintain) and repair. Fourth, economy. Under the premise of meeting the normal use of process pipelines, valves with relatively low manufacturing costs and simple structures should be selected as far as possible to reduce equipment costs, avoid waste of electric valve raw materials and reduce subsequent valve installation and maintenance costs.
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