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Solution to leakage at valve stuffing box

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
Problem: Leakage problem at the valve stuffing box. Performance: After the valve is installed, the leakage problem at the stuffing box between the valves is caused by poor sealing. Analysis: (1) The packing method is incorrect or the gland is not tightly pressed. (2) The valve stem is bent, deformed, or corroded and rusted, resulting in poor contact with the valve stem, resulting in leakage (3) Packing aging. (4) Improper operation and excessive force. Solution: (1) There are two ways to install the valve packing into the stuffing box: small valve packing only needs to be filled with rope packing in a clockwise direction around the valve stem, and then tighten the gland nut; large valve packing can be used Square or graphic section. Before pressing in, cut into packing rings, as shown in the figure. When adding or replacing packing, the packing ring should be laminated in layers. The joint seams of each layer of packing rings should be staggered by 180°. In order to check the tightness of the packing close to the valve stem, the valve stem should be rotated at the same time when pressing the packing. In addition to ensuring a good seal, the packing also needs to ensure flexible rotation of the valve skewer. (2) When the valve stem is bent, deformed or rusted and leaks, it should be removed for repair, straightened or replaced; if there is corrosion and rust, the rust should be removed. (3) The packing must be replaced due to leakage due to aging and loss of elasticity. (4) When opening or closing the valve, attention must be paid to the smooth operation, slow opening and closing.
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