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Solution to leakage caused by failure to carry out quality inspection before valve installation

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
Problem: Failure to perform quality inspection before valve installation causes leakage. Performance: If quality inspection and selection are not performed before valve installation, the right defective valve will be installed on the pipeline, which will cause leakage or rework at the valve. Problem analysis: If the installed valve is defective, it will cause leakage or rework after installation. For example, the valve packing gland screw is left with right adjustment margin, or the opening and closing is not flexible, or there is jamming phenomenon when it is pulled by hand, or the valve stem is bent or rusted, or the valve seat is not tightly contacted with the core, or the safety valve The lead seal has been broken etc. Solution: (1) Check whether the valve model specification is consistent with the design. (2) Check the appearance, check whether there is damage, whether the valve stem is skewed, flexible, etc. (3) For alloy steel and high-pressure valves, disassembly inspection should be carried out. The inspection quantity is 10% of each batch, and not less than one, and its quality should meet the following requirements: 1) The material is correct. 2) The valve seat is firmly combined with the valve body, and the valve core and the valve seat are in good contact with no defects. 3) The connection between the valve stem and the valve core is flexible and reliable. 4) The valve stem should be free from bending or corrosion, the valve stem and the packing gland should fit properly, and the thread should be flawless. 5) The valve cover and the body are well connected. 6) Complete gaskets, packings, bolts, etc., without defects
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