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Solutions to poor drainage of traps

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-16
Problem: Poor drainage of the trap. Performance: After the trap is installed and put into use, it does not work properly and affects the use. Sometimes the drainage is not smooth and there is too much air leakage. Analysis of the problem: (1) Improper installation method or excessive pipeline impurities, As a result, the trap is blocked, rendering it ineffective. (2) There are many reasons for undrained water. Mainly manifested in the system steam pressure is too low; steam and condensed water do not enter the wood thinner; the floating bucket is too light or the valve stem and the casing are stuck; the mesh or passage is blocked, and the thermostatic valve core is broken and blocked Valve hole. (3) The main reasons for excessive air leakage are: air leakage due to the wear of the valve core and valve seat, the drain hole cannot be closed by itself, and the floating bucket type float is small in size and cannot float. Solution: (1) Cut-off valves must be installed before and after the trap, but this valve is not necessary when the condensate is discharged into the atmosphere* (2) A filter should be set between the trap and the front shut-off valve to prevent the water from clogging the trap. The thermodynamic steam trap comes with a filter, and other types can be selected in the design. (3) A vent pipe is set in front of the valve group to discharge air or non-condensable gas and reduce the phenomenon of air culture in the system. (4) There should be an inspection pipe between the trap and the rear stop valve. It is used to check whether the trap is working normally. If a large amount of steam is emitted from the inspection tube, it means that the trap is broken and needs to be repaired. (5) The bypass pipe is set to facilitate the removal of condensate when it is started; however, the bypass pipe is likely to cause air leakage and is generally not used. If adopt corresponding attention check. (6) The trap should be installed below the drainage line of the pipeline and equipment, and a check valve should be installed. The thermodynamic steam trap itself can play a backstop role. (7) The threaded steam trap should be provided with a live joint (oily) for easy disassembly and assembly. [8) When the drainage pipeline is laid horizontally, the pipeline slopes toward the trap to prevent water hammer. (9) The installation position of the steam trap should be close to the drainage point. When the distance is too far, air or steam will be collected in the slender pipe in front of the trap, making the trap closed. And it prevents the condensate from flowing to the hydrophobic point. (10) When the horizontal pipeline of the steam main pipe is too long, the drainage problem should be considered. (11) Welding and threaded connection are often used for the installation of sulfur water heaters. The threaded connection is shown in Figure 5-2. (12) The steam trap installed at the turning point of the steam pipe, in order to prevent the dirt deposited in the steam pipe from blocking the drain pipe, the end of the steam trap connected to the steam pipe should be selected at a position about 150mm higher than the steam pipe drain valve , The drain valve should also be opened regularly to prevent the dirt from exceeding the force connected to the steam trap and the steam pipe. See Figure 5-3.
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