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Some products in the valve industry have entered the high-end field

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-25
In the past two years, nuclear valve manufacturers have made progress in the research and development of some key nuclear valves jointly with owners such as China General Nuclear Power Group and China National Nuclear Corporation. According to the current bidding for nuclear valves of the Qinshan and Hongyanhe projects, combined with the existing capabilities and performance of the valve industry, the localization rate of valves for Hongyanhe Units 1 and 2 will reach about 35%; after another 1 to 2 years of research and development Ru0026D and nuclear valve manufacturing will have a major breakthrough, and the localization rate in Hongyanhe Units 3 and 4 is expected to achieve 60%.   With the successful development of nuclear valves, it indicates that some products in my country's valve industry have entered the high-end field, reflecting that my country's valve manufacturing has reached a certain level. The product has a broad market space and also provides new opportunities for the development of the valve industry. China General Nuclear Power signed the 'Nuclear Power Valve Localization Development Cooperation Agreement' with China Nuclear Power Suvalve, Dalian Dago Valve, and Jiangsu Shentong #p#分Title#e#, marking that the joint research and development of nuclear valves between China General Nuclear Power Group and domestic valve companies has started.   The rapid development of high-end valve localization 1. The localization of high-end valve was put into production and the 5-meter super large-diameter vacuum butterfly valve independently developed by Jiangnan Valve Company after hundreds of experiments was put into production. The first domestic valve entered the large-scale national defense wind tunnel test. It provided two-way vacuum-sealed butterfly valves and special pressure regulating valves for the test device, and made important contributions to boosting 'Chang'e' to fly to the moon. In 2005, the company successfully developed the world's first zero-leakage 'regulating metal-sealed butterfly valve\'Electro-hydraulic linkage quick closing valve' domestically produced high-end gate valve.
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