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Stainless steel gate valve and carbon steel gate valve in their respective fields

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-28
According to the structure of the gate, the' target='_blank'>gate valve is divided into two types: wedge type and parallel type. There are 3 types of wedge gates: single gate, double gate and elastic gate. The gate valve is divided into flat gate valve and knife gate valve according to the different structure types. The working principle of manual gate valve: Turn the hand wheel, and the valve plate connected with the valve stem can be raised or lowered through the advance and retreat of the thread of the hand wheel and the valve stem to achieve the function of opening and closing. According to the classification of shell/body material, gate valves can be divided into: metal gate valves: such as carbon steel gate valves, alloy steel gate valves, stainless steel gate valves, cast iron gate valves, titanium alloy gate valves, Monel gate valves, copper alloy gate valves, lead alloy gate valves, etc. Metal valve body lined gate valve: such as rubber lined gate valve, fluorine lined gate valve, lead lined gate valve, plastic lined gate valve, enamel lined gate valve. Non-metallic gate valves: such as ceramic gate valves, glass gate valves, plastic gate valves. Today, I will briefly explain the respective fields of stainless steel gate valves and carbon steel gate valves: I believe that many people are familiar with stainless steel gate valves, and they often see them in life. They give people the feeling that they will not rust, but some are not. The phenomenon of rust has appeared. For this reason, many people do not understand and think it is a quality problem. So, what is going on? Is it a quality problem? In fact, the reasons for the rust on the surface of the stainless steel gate valve are as follows. 1. Electrochemical corrosion If there are some other metal element powders or attachments of other heterogeneous metal particles on the surface of the stainless steel gate valve, these powders and attachments will interact with the condensed water in the stainless steel in the humid air. A micro battery is produced, which in turn triggers an electrochemical reaction, so it will cause rust on the surface. 2. Organic liquid adheres to the surface. Sometimes if there is some organic liquid on the surface of the stainless steel gate valve, it will form an organic acid in the presence of water and oxygen, and this organic acid will have a corrosive effect on the surface of the metal, so Rust will appear on the surface. Or the surface of the stainless steel gate valve has some acid, or alkaline substances and salt substances, which can also cause rust on the surface. 3. Polluted air If the air is polluted, the air contains a lot of sulfide or carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide and other gases. These gases will form sulfuric acid and nitric acid when they encounter condensed water, and they will also cause chemical corrosion. Causes rust on the surface of the stainless steel gate valve. All in all, there are many reasons for the rust on the surface of stainless steel gate valves. The rust is not due to quality problems. In daily use, you must pay attention to the above factors to avoid rust. Carbon steel gate valve is a kind of industrial valve, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station and other industries. It has the advantages of automation, easy operation, and long service life. However, due to the influence of itself or external factors during use, the carbon steel gate valve may leak. So, what causes the carbon steel gate valve to leak? There are mainly the following common reasons. 1. The low processing precision of the wedge-shaped sealing ring leads to internal leakage of the carbon steel gate valve. As long as the gate valve of a big brand is selected, the quality of the general parts is relatively good, so that there will be no low processing precision of the sealing ring. 2. Instability of production and operation conditions leads to internal leakage of the gate valve. The gate valve has relatively high requirements for the working environment. If the pressure and temperature environment is unstable and the range of change is too large, then the sealing ring has to withstand a large impact pressure, which is very It is prone to deformation, which can lead to valve leakage in the end. 3. Poor maintenance quality of the valve leads to internal leakage of the gate valve. Some workers fail to clean the sealing surface of the sealing ring when repairing the valve. The presence of impurities affects the operation of the valve and will scratch the sealing surface in the long run, which will cause the valve to leak. 4. Medium corrosion The wedge sealing ring causes the gate valve to leak, and the valve runs for a long time. Under the influence of the medium, the sealing ring is easily corroded. If the corrosion reaches a certain degree, the sealing ring will be damaged, so that the gate valve will leak. 5. The valve body is defective. If the valve body has pores, slag inclusions, cracks, sand holes, etc., then the gate valve is prone to leakage during use. In short, carbon steel gate valve leakage is a relatively common problem. If there is a leakage, it will endanger the safety of equipment and staff, so it is necessary to find out the cause and solve the problem in time. This article was edited and published by Valve (Technical Department)
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