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Summarize the results of city valve product quality supervision and spot check

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-23
According to the '2014 City Valve Product Quality Supervision Spot Check Results' published on the official website by Quality Technical Supervision, special supervision and spot checks have recently been conducted on the quality of valve products produced in this city. The 50 valve manufacturers in the city were spot-checked, and 48 of the products were actually sampled. Another 2 enterprises did not sample samples due to production suspension and other reasons. A total of 65 batches of products were spot-checked, and one batch was unqualified after inspection.   valve is a product listed in the product catalog of the national industrial product production license. According to the “GB26640-2011 Valve Shell Minimum Wall Thickness Dimension Requirements” and other national standards and related product standards, the following items of the product were inspected: shell test, high pressure sealing test, low pressure sealing test, Seal test, valve body wall thickness measurement, valve stem diameter measurement, valve body mark inspection, nameplate. A total of 54 batches of valve products were spot-checked by many companies such as No. 1 Nuclear Valve, Shanghai Airlines Valve, Kaiweixi Valve, Shuangheng Valve Valve, Sanbolai Valve, Valve Factory No. 5, Valve Factory No. 2 and Huatong Valve. Ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, butterfly valves, etc. all meet the standards. However, this spot check found that there was a batch of products that did not meet the standards, which were stop valves manufactured by Naili Valve. The non-compliant parts involved valve body wall thickness measurement, valve body mark inspection, and nameplate.
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