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Teach you how to maintain Taikoo valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-22


  1. Keep the exterior and moving parts of the valve clean

  The sliding parts, gears, worm gears and other parts between the brackets are prone to deposit dust, oil and medium residues and other dirt, which will cause wear and corrosion to the valve. Therefore, always keep the valve clean. Generally, the dust on the valve can be brushed with a brush, blown with compressed air, or even brushed with a copper wire, until the processing surface and the mating surface show a metallic luster, and the painted surface shows the natural color of the paint. In addition, the valve manufacturer recommends that the bottom plug of the flushing valve and the trap should be opened regularly for flushing, or removed for flushing regularly to avoid clogging the valve with dirt.

  2. Keep the valve lubricated

  The position of the bearing, the meshing part of the gear and the worm gear, and other matching moving parts need good lubrication conditions to reduce mutual friction and avoid mutual wear . For parts that do not have an oil cup or nozzle and are easily damaged or lost during operation, the valve manufacturer recommends that the lubrication system be repaired and fully equipped, and the oil circuit should be cleaned. Lubricating parts should be refueled regularly according to specific conditions. The frequently opened high temperature valve is suitable for lubricating exposed parts every other week to one month.

  3. Maintain the daily maintenance of electrical equipment

   Valve manufacturers with high cost performance believe that the maintenance of electrical equipment is generally not less than once a month. The maintenance content includes clean appearance, no dust accumulation, and the device is not contaminated by soda and oil; the sealing surface and the sealing point should be firm and tight. In addition, there should be no leakage, so the valve manufacturer believes that the lubricated parts should be oiled as required, and the valve nuts should be oiled. In addition, the electrical parts should be intact, no phase failures, automatic switches and thermal relays should not be tripped, and indicator lights should be displayed correctly.

   Generally speaking, in order to maintain the valve well, you need to follow the above-mentioned methods described by the valve factory, that is, properly clean the valve, keep the valve lubricated, and maintain the electrical device of the valve every day to extend the service life of the valve , Make it play a greater practical value.

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