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Technical knowledge of electric butterfly valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-21
Before understanding the manufacturers of electric butterfly valves, let us first understand the relevant knowledge of electric butterfly valves. So, what is an electric butterfly valve? Electric butterfly valve is an important execution unit in the field of industrial automation control. It belongs to a variety of electric valves and electric regulating valves. It is widely used in textiles, power stations, petrochemicals, heating and cooling, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, metallurgy, light industry, environmental protection and other fields. Especially in the metallurgical steel, shipbuilding industry, has a very high reputation. So, what are the manufacturers of electric butterfly valve? Don't worry, for your convenience, I recommend several professional electric butterfly valve manufacturers. Structural characteristics of electric butterfly valve 1. Under high temperature and high pressure, it has high sealing performance. 2. Solid objects are not easy to accumulate on the sealing surface. 3. There is no phase jam between the butterfly plate and the sealing ring. 4. The sealing performance is not affected by other factors. 5. To ensure zero leakage, it is a fire safety type. Features of electric butterfly valve (1) Double eccentric structure, reliable sealing performance. (2) Long service life. (3) Applicable media with different characteristics for consumers to choose. (4) Frame structure, high strength, low flow resistance. (5) The whole paint can be used in different media. (6) During installation, it is not affected by medium flow direction and spatial position. (7) Small size, light weight and large flow capacity. Electric butterfly valves are widely used in light industry, industry, service, water treatment and other industries. Installation and maintenance of the electric butterfly valve 1. When installing, the electric butterfly valve is closed; 2. The opening position is determined by the rotation angle; 3. If there is a bypass valve, it should be opened first; 4. The correct installation is carried out according to the instructions. How to maintain the electric butterfly valve 1. Know the working condition of the day 2. Check whether it is corroded by the medium 3. Check whether there is noise 4. Check the sealing performance 5. Check whether there is leakage 6. Regular daily cleaning The above is the electric butterfly valve recommended by the electric butterfly valve manufacturer Introduction of related knowledge of installation and maintenance, I hope to help customers who need this! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website and purchase the products you need.
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