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Technical specification for explosion-proof electric butterfly valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-02
Business scope: explosion-proof electric butterfly valve; technology is the source of progress, quality is the cornerstone of development, integrity is the bond of cooperation, welcome to consult. Manufacturing leading enterprises, valve professional explosion-proof electric butterfly valve, better quality, precise workmanship, durable warehouse stock! Valves have With many years of production history, the valves produced are used in many lines: explosion-proof electric butterfly valves can have a practical effect on the adjustment of substances in the pipeline, and this kind of buffering effect can maintain the actual adjustment of the pipeline automation technology due to the adjustment organization inside the actuator effect. Mine electric butterfly valve, protection class ExDII BT4, widely used in pipelines for gas or coal mining surface, stable quality, good explosion-proof performance, our company has been able to produce explosion-proof voltage of three-phase 660V, 380V, two-phase 220V , Product appearance and quality have been praised by users repeatedly! In addition to the ordinary switch type, the product can also have an integrated explosion-proof type, and the intelligent integrated explosion-proof type meets more practical requirements. D9B41(3)/D9B71(3) series electric explosion-proof butterfly valves are suitable for the needs of different control coefficients and different working environments. The performance of this product meets the requirements of JB/T8528-1997 'Technical Conditions for Common Valve Electric Devices'. The performance of the flameproof type conforms to GB3836.1-2000 'Electrical equipment for gaseous environment Part 1: General requirements' GB3836.2-2000 'Electrical equipment for gaseous environment Part 2: Flameproof type 'd'' and JB/T8529 -1997 'Technical Conditions of Explosion-proof Valve Electric Device'. There are two types of explosion-proof products, dI and dIIBT4. dI is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dIIBT4 is used in factories and is suitable for gas mixtures of IIA and IIB grades T1~T4. Technical standards of explosion-proof electric butterfly valve: 1. The valve seat is connected to the butterfly plate according to the square shaft or key. The total area of u200bu200bovercurrent is large, the total area of u200bu200bcompressive strength is large, the pressure resistance is good, the opening and closing is reliable, and it has double sealing on both sides. Sexual effect. The installation will not be restricted by the inflow of substances, nor will it be affected by the direction of the indoor space, and can be installed in the pipeline. 2. The gate valve is rotated 90 degrees by the valve shaft driver valve body. The silicone seal ring is mounted on the top and can be installed at will. The gate valve is driven by the valve shaft and the valve body is turned at 98 degrees. The oil circuit board is easy to repair and can be repaired online for free. 3. The valve seat and the butterfly plate should absolutely output coaxially. When the gate valve has a large pressure difference, the fluidity of the two directions can be ensured. The total area of u200bu200bthe flow passage is large when it is fully opened, and it is closed when it is fully closed. The oil circuit plate and the butterfly valve plate shall have no leakage when the valve shaft is in tightness. 4. The gate valve and valve seat cannot allow all filling materials. Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve safety installation specifications and technical standards: Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve can have the actual effect of adjusting substances in the pipeline, and this kind of buffering effect can maintain the actual effect of automatic technical adjustment of the pipeline due to the adjustment organization inside the actuator . It is the key advantage of this type of electric actuator at this stage, and not only that, but at the level of development trend, this type of explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is slowly developing towards the direction of remote control. At this stage, this type of explosion-proof electric butterfly valve can have excellent adjustment and manipulation of substances in the fluid mechanics pipeline system software and further maintain pipeline automation technology, and its advantages are sufficient to reflect. Mei'an MA grade mine explosion-proof electric butterfly valve technical specifications mining explosion-proof electric butterfly valve product features Multi-turn electric motorized devices are divided according to the type of protection: ordinary type, outdoor type and explosion-proof type. According to the control method: conventional type and integrated type And intelligent integrated type according to the connection type: torque type, power station type and thrust type explosion-proof electric standard specifications: design and manufacturing standards: GB/T 12238-2008 structure length standard: GB/T 12221-2005 connection flange standard: GB/T 9113 Pressure and temperature rating: GB/T 12224-2005 Test and inspection standard: GB/T 13927-2008
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