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The broad prospects of electric control valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-20
With the continuous improvement of electronic products, especially the further improvement of reliability, foreign electric actuators have made a qualitative leap in the 1990s. Electric regulating valves have become important executive unit instruments in industrial automation process control. Now the degree of automation in the industrial field is getting higher and higher, and it is being used more and more in various industrial production fields. Compared with the traditional pneumatic control valve, it has obvious advantages: the electric control valve saves electricity (only consumes electricity when working), is environmentally friendly (no carbon emissions), and is quick and convenient to install (no need for complicated pneumatic pipelines and air pump workstations). Electric control valve is a kind of temperature control valve, there are also electric temperature control valve, self-operated temperature control valve, Honeywell temperature control valve and so on. Electric control valves are widely used, not only in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, bathing and other control systems, but also in the production process of petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, textiles and other industries, with obvious advantages and consumption People trust. (1) It is convenient and economical to use power, saving a series of costs for establishing gas source stations; (2) Using the complicated method of 'pneumatic valve + electric valve positioner + gas sourceBrings a decrease in reliability (the more links there are, the more the factors of poor reliability increase); (3) From an economic point of view, in addition to eliminating the cost of the gas source station, it also eliminates the cost of the electrical valve positioner: now one A good imported electric valve positioner is usually more than 5000-6000 yuan, and better at a price of 8000-10000, and this price can basically buy back the above-mentioned highly reliable electronic actuators; electric control valves Development direction The development of high-tech science and technology such as computer science, control theory and automation instrumentation has promoted the development of control valves. The development of control valves has also promoted the development of other science and technology. With the opening, intelligence and reliability of electric control valves, it will work with other industrial automation instruments and computer control devices to make the functions of industrial production process control more complete and control The precision is higher, the control effect is more obvious, and it plays a more important role in the modernization of our country.
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