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The characteristics of Z941H-16C electric gate valve, sensitive response and high safety and reliability

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-22
The characteristics of the Z941H-16C electric gate valve, sensitive response and high safety and reliability. Perhaps many people don’t know what is the Z941H-16C electric gate valve. In fact, in simple terms, the electric valve is to use electricity to control the valve and perform the opening and closing actions of the valve. . Electric gate valves are different from electric valves, and there is this slight difference. In terms of working principle, the movement torque of electric gate valves is relatively larger than that of electric valves. Therefore, the moment of inertia of electric gate valves is relatively large, and the weight of the valve that can be carried is also Larger, Z941H-16C is one of the models, it can be adjusted in the valve opening or closing speed, the modeling structure is also relatively simple, easy to maintain and proper repair, in the process of operation due to the gas itself buffer Characteristics, not easy to damage, and its control system is much more complicated than ordinary electric valves. Many manufacturers now have higher and higher production requirements for the Z941H-16C electric gate valve. With the increasing use of people in daily life, this electric gate valve is nothing more than the best choice. It is generally used in automation procedures. Use on higher equipment. Compared with other electric gate valves, it is safer and more reliable. In the classification of electric gate valves, the wide application in life is also considered. The internal drive motor is adjusted in the corresponding simulation time. It is very resistant to voltage shocks. The valve opening can also be controlled. Nowadays, the wide range of electric valves Application has played a certain role in life. With the development of society, some large-scale industries continue to become stronger, and the demand for electric valves is getting higher and higher. This kind of heavy equipment has high requirements in the production process. It must be easy to operate, safe and reliable, and the quality of the material must be high. Not only must the seal be reliable, but also have excellent characteristics in performance, and then many manufacturers need to consider the appearance.
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