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The demand for solenoid valves in the European and American markets will remain optimistic

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-07
Solenoid valves continue to receive attention and welcome in the European and American markets, and the sales data of the products are showing good results. However, as far as the current domestic solenoid valve brands are concerned, there is still a gap in the degree of competition with foreign solenoid valves, and the high-end brand awareness is not high enough.      As an important throttling element of the refrigerator, the solenoid valve plays a role in changing the flow direction of the refrigerant in the refrigerator refrigeration system, and is mainly used in computer temperature controlled refrigerators. At present, refrigerator solenoid valves are divided into two-position three-way solenoid valve and bistable solenoid valve. Compared with the two, two-position three-way solenoid valve can accurately control the temperature, but it belongs to the old generation of products. , It is driven by voltage and has the disadvantages of high power consumption, high consumption of raw materials, large internal leakage, poor reliability, high noise, passive cooling, etc., and the bistable solenoid valve, as a new generation product, has the same precise temperature In addition to control, because it is driven by pulse, it has many advantages such as low power consumption, material cost saving, small internal leakage, high refrigerant versatility, and low noise. Therefore, at present, bistable solenoid valves have long become the absolute mainstream of the refrigerator market.     In 2012, the total sales volume of refrigerator solenoid valves was approximately 16 million, an increase of approximately 18% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 3 percentage points lower than that in 2011. From the perspective of the sales flow of refrigerator solenoid valves from 2010 to 2012, the domestic market has always dominated. Although with the continuous maturity of domestic solenoid valve technology and the increase in overseas sales, the export market share has not changed significantly.     Although there are many domestic refrigerator manufacturers, there are not many companies that actually produce high-end refrigerator products. They are mainly concentrated in foreign capital and several major local brands, such as Haier, Midea, Siemens, Hisense Kelon, Meiling, LG and so on. The relatively small downstream production layout also limits the market capacity of refrigerator solenoid valves. The competitive landscape of the domestic refrigerator solenoid valve market is relatively stable. The competition of refrigerator solenoid valves is mainly concentrated between Sanhua and Kangyuan. According to statistics, the combined market share of the two accounts for 85% of the overall market. In recent years, Sanhua’s investment in refrigerator solenoid valves has never stopped, and its own technological transformation projects are progressing smoothly. In addition, the acquisition of German solenoid valve companies has been transferred to China, and its production capacity has been greatly increased. At the same time, its sales have been increasing year by year. Climbing, the market share has increased to more than 40%. In contrast, Kangyuan, as an old solenoid valve manufacturer, is slightly inferior to its competitors in terms of capacity expansion and market development. It has now strategically faded out of Japanese customers and is fully committed to preventing traditional customer markets. In the refrigerator solenoid valve market, after a fierce competition between these well-matched rivals, the competition between each of them is now sticking to the traditional customer base, and the competition between them has also stabilized. Regarding the future development trend of refrigerator solenoid valves, many people in the industry are still full of expectations and optimism. First of all, in terms of downstream demand, although the refrigerator industry is affected by the global economic downturn, it is still difficult to recover the previous rapid growth momentum in the short term, and it may be in a certain period of time. The internal trough is consolidating, but with the country’s determination of its energy strategy and the successive introduction and implementation of a series of energy-saving subsidy policies for home appliances, the growth trend of the market share of energy-saving refrigerators will be unstoppable, which will further drive the market demand for solenoid valves. . Although solenoid valves are not the only optional control element for energy-saving refrigerators to control the flow of refrigerant, and electric switching valves have obvious cost advantages in large-capacity refrigerator systems, the application of electric switching valves in the domestic market has just started, especially for domestic For valve companies, the technical stability remains to be tested. Therefore, in the short term, solenoid valves will still be the preferred control element for domestic energy-saving refrigerators. In the next few years, it is expected that the solenoid valve industry will continue to grow steadily at a growth rate of 15%-18%.     From the perspective of refrigerator solenoid valve exports, Europe and North America are still the main demand markets, accounting for about 60% and 30% of the total refrigerator solenoid valve exports respectively. The market share of Southeast Asia is only a few digits. Although Southeast Asia’s overall demand for refrigerators is relatively high, except for a few countries and regions, most countries have relatively weak demand for high-end refrigerator products. Moreover, high-end refrigerators in this region The leading Japanese manufacturers of products take a completely different technical route from domestic companies in terms of refrigerant throttling. The technology itself focuses more on electric switching valves, and the proportion of solenoid valves is relatively low, which greatly restricts solenoid valves. Demand. Although the current overseas demand for solenoid valves for refrigerators is relatively small, as European and American countries’ energy policy standards increase, the development of high-end energy-saving electrical appliances will be greatly promoted in the future. It can be seen that the demand for solenoid valves in the European and American markets will continue Optimistic.
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